Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Himalaya Herbals Oil Control Lemon Face Wash Review

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Hello, lovelies~ Himalaya Herbals is back in town! In this case, I mean they're back in Watsons Kelapa Gading where I bought most of the face wash, except for the neem variant because I have already tried it back in 2010. You can read about it here (Neem Foaming Face Wash) or the Apricot Scrub here

Today, I want to talk about the Lemon Face Wash which has a purpose of controlling excess oil (sebum) on ones face. Packaged in a clear squeeze tube, this face wash has a sticker in the front and back, exposing the sides. 

On the front of the tube, it notifies us that it is free from parabens, SLS/SLES, and phtalates. Absence of SLS means that the product won't be as drying as one with SLS. The lemon fruit extract is the third ingredient on the list, which is rare to see in most 'herbal-based' beauty products. It still contains fragrance, so sensitive skin type may want to be on the look out while using this. 

If you look closely through the sides of the clear tube, there are tiny blue beads inside the product. I don't feel that these are abrasive enough to be called a scrub. It doesn't say anything on the description what these beads do.

For a face wash that is devoid of SLS, it sure creates a lot of foam (bubbles!). I had no problem in creating thick bubbles, especially when I use my face net.

There is citrusy scent when I use this to wash my face that it is a little too overpowering for my senses. Despite that, it does make my face clean and oil-free without the tight sensation after patting it dry with a towel. 

Unfortunately, my skin hates it. How do I know? Well, let's just say that the snob I call my facial skin gave me a 'little' warning above my lips. It's kinda like they're saying, " Stop abusing me with that face wash or I'll launch even more zits to the surface! You have been warned." Thankfully, my facial skin doesn't talk to me that way. Geez, that would've been weird/scary/
This baby pops out after 2 days of using the face wash. *sobs*
All in all, Himalaya Herbals Lemon Face Wash is good for those in search of herbal-based beauty products. They are also free from parabens, SLS/SLES, and phtalates for those of you who are turning your beauty routine green. It does a great job in reducing excess oil on my combination-type skin, but it does break me out. *insert sad face*

Have you tried any of the Himalaya Herbals products? Let me know in the comments below on what your recommendations would be, I love to hear them! Until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. Aku udah hampir sebulan ini pake Himalaya yg Clear Complexion Whitening face wash, bhan utamany Licorice, Damar Putih, dan Safron. Sebelumnya aku pake hadalabo shirojyun sebulanan dan purging ga berhenti2, pdhl aku suka makeny.
    Trs akhirny coba himalaya. Purgingnya ilaaang dan rasany persis kayak shirojyun. Busa g banyak, berasa kenyal dan lembab setelah cuci muka.
    Kakak kn cocok ya make shirojyun, mgkn bisa coba yg clear complexion ini ^^
    Seneng sih cocok yg himalaya, soalny lebih murah, hehe :p