Tuesday, December 24, 2013

FreshKon Dezigner Contact Lens Review

"Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out. " Complete disclosure here 

Hello, lovelies~ How many of you are regular users of contact lenses? My first contacts was back when I was in high school. I remember wearing one to my friend's sweet seventeen birthday party and I couldn't really see much because it wasn't meant for my astigmatism. 

So, when I got into uni, my mom took me to an ophthalmologist and got hard lenses. Thankfully, it didn't last too long since it was so~ uncomfortable on my eyes. I got back to using glasses, but now I have a set of contacts (soft) to use for photos or when I'm applying my face mask.

Anyway, after that very long story/intro, I have never worn colored contacts before this post. FreshKon sent me the Dezigner line for review in the color Orange Solitaire. Thank you, FreshKon team!  It comes in a white box with a small window to show the contacts. 

The Dezigner collection has three shades to choose from namely Pink Solitaire, Aqua Solitaire, and Orange Solitaire. Apparently, there is a green shade, but I don't think FreshKon Indonesia carry that shade.

The pattern on the contacts itself resembles pieces of diamonds in the corresponding color mentioned in the paragraph above.

Since they didn't have one in my measurements (with astigmatism), I chose one that is plano or -0.00D (neutral). I didn't have any trouble putting them on my eyes, it was less than a minute. The contacts felt comfortable on my eyes as there were zero irritation on my eyes while I was wearing it.

I tried wearing them for a solid three hours and it was quite comfortable. Slightly drying on my eyes, but that problem occurred on the third hour. It does slip and slide during the first use, but as I continued using it throughout the week, it wasn't much of a problem anymore.

I like that it helps to 'revive' any dull complexion of mine. By adding a touch of color on my eyes, I can wear less makeup, but still capture the attention when meeting people.

Don't let the name 'Orange' scare you because this is more of a brown shade with a hint of orange undertone that will ONLY show up under very bright florescent lights. With a 14.2 mm in diameter, it really makes my eyes look bigger, love it!

I can also wear it together with my glasses on days when I want to brighten my eyes. It looks a bit toned down behind those frames, doesn't it? I like how it looks~
Kira kira, ne~ ^_^
This may be the beginning of cosmetic lens for me since it is nice to change up appearances once in a while, yeah? Have you tried any of the FreshKon contacts? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. Huuuua.. kereen soflentsnya ya kak? Huhuhuhu pingin deh.

    1. Hello, DA sisters~ Ga terlalu mentereng, tapi masih menarik perhatian~ ^_^

    2. Ya, aku setuju banget. Ga norak & tetap menarik. Aku ikut giveaway di IG freshkon. Kayaknya sih dapet. Moga2 dapet yg ini deh...

  2. Aihh cantik ciiiiiiii! Bagus ci pake softlens aja. Berasa warna matanya kayak Bella Swan!!!! Loveeeee itttttt

    1. Kalo ada yang buat silinder udah pasti dipake terus deh tiap acara~ Hehehe ^_^

      Thank you, Na~ ^_^