Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ten Travel Beauty Buddies Challenge

Hello, lovelies~ If you followed me on instagram, I once posted a picture of my makeup that I brought to a 4 day trip to Bandung. Not gonna lie, it was a LOT. This is the picture of the makeup I mentioned.

Now that I am going travelling again, I challenge myself to only bring 10 makeup items for my 7 day trip, so I won't overpack my makeup items. Here they are.

Now, I have separated my skincare and makeup into two different bags, so I'll just be showing you my makeup bag. I brought a couple of extras that doesn't take too much space, most of those are just sample sizes.

Etude House Any Cushion
I am usually a foundation junkie and will almost bring my foundation when I'm travelling. However, I thought I needed protection from the sun and some coverage, so why not bring this with me? It has SPF 50/PA +++ and gives medium coverage!

Maybelline Pure Minerals Two Way Cake Foundation
If I'm too lazy and want a simpler base makeup, I'll just dot my concealer and swipe this product all over my face with a powder brush. 

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
I cannot leave the house without this magnificent pen. It is the perfect product to touch up my base makeup on the go, leaving me with a fresh and healthy complexion.

Maybelline Pure Minerals Liquid Concealer
With a slightly runny consistency, this concealer is great to cover up any imperfections on this face of mine. It gives a satin finish and is great for under eye circles, too!

Silkygirl Eyeshadow Duo
I have been reaching out to eyeshadows lately as it helps brighten my eyes that are always hidden behind the lens of my glasses. Lighter color all over the lid and the darker color just on the outer edges.

Etude House Eyebrow Pencil
Brows are so important for me since they can make me look distraught if not properly done. I just like carrying the refill in my makeup bag to shape and fill in any sparse areas on my brows.

Makeup Forever HD Powder
Did you know that silica based powder help control excess oil on the face? That is why I always have to travel with this lovely product to minimize those pesky shiny appearance on my face.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
Loving the shade Honey on my lips for everyday look. It has a light feel on my lips and moisturizes it just right.

Caring Colours Lipstick
Even though I look a bit off wearing a peach-toned lipstick, it's always great to wear a pinky-peach shade of lipstick. This is what I have been reaching for lately in the shade Summer Pink. With a slight peachy shade, it looks natural for everyday wear.

philosophy Peppermint Bark Lip Gloss
Minty chocolate flavored lip gloss that tingles on my lips, love it.

Since I still have space in my makeup bag, I decided to stuff it with a little more makeup products that are mostly sample sizes.
I forgot to include my eyeliner from K-Palette. ^_^;;

Can you limit to only bringing 10 makeup items when you're travelling? If you can, leave me a comment on what you would bring, so I can have ideas for my next trip. Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. I think i always carry less than 10 make up items when i travel hahaha, just the basic essentials! I did a post similar to this prior my Bali (and a few other) trip about two weeks ago!

  2. ada lebih dari 10 make up and skin care essential yang saya bawa saat traveling, kadang beratan alat make up dari pada baju hahahah

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