Monday, November 25, 2013

Rojukiss Pore Tightening Pack Review

" Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out." Complete disclosure here

Hello, lovelies~ For those with combination oily or oily skin types are probably already familiar with clay masks since they help in absorbing all of those excess oils on the face. I was looking for a new clay mask when WISHTREND sent me the Rojukiss Pore Tightening Pack.

Unlike other masks that are packaged in a jar, Rojukiss packaged theirs into a blue squeeze tube. Thumbs up for them because I can't stand jar containers due to their unhygienic property. I mean, aside from double dipping, the prolonged and repeated exposure to air will reduce the quality of the product, yes? So, Rojukiss, you're off to a good start in my book. :) 

I thought that it lacks the English version of ingredients, but it was there inside the box, yeay~ It contains Kaolin, which is a basic clay mask ingredient that sucks all of the excess oil on the face. Bentonite is an ingredient similar to that, still awesome, don't worry.

The clay mask has light blue color  with a subtle floral scent that I like. I'm not usually into perfumed or fragranced beauty products, but I like it~ As with most clay masks, Rojukiss also has that thick-clay-like texture.

To use it, I squeeze a dollop of product on my fingers and continue to spread it all over my face. Despite the thick consistency, it is easy to spread it all over my face. It applies blue at first when it is still wet, but as it dries slowly, the color turns lighter. No, it's not magic, calm down, :)

As it was drying on my face, I can feel a tightening sensation as if my skin is being 'massaged'. This is one of the reasons why I prefer clay masks over sheet masks. Also, I tend to wash off the mask as the clay is starting to dry, not when it's dry and cracked. This ensures the moisture is still maintained, while getting the excess oil off my face. On my combination skin, it doesn't dry out my U zone due to this method.

The picture below shows the before and after picture for comparison. After the clay mask is washed off, my face feels much smoother and no more flaky skin around my nose. Ignore the redness on my left eyebrow because that was caused by an incidental scratch, lol. My skin looks more glowy and brighter afterwards, I love it!

Since it is a pore tightening pack, here is a picture of my pores. Excuse the nasty blackheads that are still lingering there, it's not time for a facial yet, :) It doesn't tighten as good as it is in removing all the excess oil on my face. However, it does reduce some of the appearance of my large pores, so it's good.

Overall, I think I am really falling in love head over heels with this clay mask (or pack, as they say) from Rojukiss. It does the job in removing any excess oils on my face without the overwhelming dryness that a usual clay mask does. My pores are the same size, but my face is much smoother than before using it. I really enjoyed using this after a hectic day where my skin just feels 'blah'. This is a real savior!

Rojukiss Pore Tightening Pack (200 g)
Price: USD $ 21.50 (exc. shipping)
For all skin types

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  1. really wanted to try it T^T

    nice review btw, thanks :)

  2. teksturnya lucuu yaa hhaaha
    bagus nih reviewnya phan >_<