Monday, November 11, 2013

Cottage Shower Gel Launch Event

Hello, lovelies~ Have you ever heard of the brand called Cottage? Honestly, I haven't heard of it before I was sent the invitation to attend their launch last Thursday. I was half guessing with my brother and Mr. G that the brand was 'probably inspired' by the creamy texture of cottage cheese, lol. So, was I right? Keep on reading to find more about Cottage. 

When I reached the venue, I let out a small chuckle as to the sight of all the colorful and cute bottles around the event. Well, turns out, it had nothing to do with cottage cheese, lol. The name 'Cottage' was inspired from all those lovely childhood moments spent at the summer house (or cottage). Pretty far from cheese and stuff, huh? ^_^

Mr. Aaron Salim, the brand manager of Cottage, welcomed us to the press event saying, "Showering isn't just a matter of transforming from a dirty state to a clean state, you need to enjoy the process. Cottage shower gels are here to soothe your senses and calm the nerves after a long stressful day.

Not only will it relaxes you with its scents, Cottage shower gels will also help soften the skin to the touch with its natural ingredients that are free of parabens.", added Mr. Aaron. Cottage has received numerous certificates, thanks to the eco-designed bottles that are recycled. 

Export sales manager of Groupe Panther France, Ms. Sonya Roblin was present in the press event as well, letting us know more about Cottage. "This product is very suitable for those who wanted soft skin every day. Cottage shower gels offers top quality products that are practical and will make your shower time more enjoyable."

They also have a cooking demo with the Masterchef winner, Mr. William Gozali, who cooked pancakes that are inspired from the delicious aromas of Cottage shower gels. I didn't get to try the pancake, but it has a scrumptious scent. The caramel sauce made it look extra yummy~

As I tried sniffing the shower gels, I know that I want this in my shower. The vanilla shower gel really smells like vanilla ice cream! For those who wants a more masculine scent, fret not, you have to try the Ocean Blossom scent. I feel like I'm on the beach with sand between my toes and the breeze through my hair. Love it! There's also an "eccentric" line which has cocktails scents, but there weren't any samples.

They gave us a bottle (or two!) to try out for ourselves the sensation of showering with Cottage shower gels that has the motto 'Skin Soft Enough to Eat!". I'll update you guys on the shower gels after I've tried it!

Thank you for the lovely event, Cottage Indonesia. I hope you can bring more and more products to Indonesia, so we can try it out! Have you tried Cottage before? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~

Where to Buy: Ranch Market & Guardian (currently)
Price : Rp 18,000 - Rp 98,000
Shower Gel : Strawberry and Mint, Vanilla, Green Tea, Grapefruit, Peach, Caramel, Ocean Blossom, Violet, Kiwi and Fig.
Exfoliating Shower Gel : Vanilla, Caramel, Violet, and Kiwi. 
Moisturizer Body Milk : Caramel, Ocean Blossom, Violet, and Kiwi. 
"Eccentric" Shower Gel : Raspberry Fruit Extract, Pina Colada, Daiquiri.

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  1. botolnya kurang unyuuuu >.< hehehe
    tapi kapan-kapan mau coba aaah yang vanilla nya sepertinya menggiurkan sekali..
    ditunggu update review nya yaa mau tau wanginya awet apa enggak.. antara mau cobain ini atau vanilla cupcake nya bodycology :D

    1. Aku juga udah pernah nyium tuh Vanilla cupcakenya bodycology, kayanya kalo ditimpa di atas shower gel yang vanilla ini, masuk deh, hahaha.. Niwei, so far sih pake lebih tahan lama dibanding sama sabun yang lain. Kurang lebih 3 jam (kalo ga kringetan) masih ada wanginya di aku.

  2. ce ini aku kira minuman gitu x-x ternyata bukan. haha

    1. Agak2 'mengecoh' ya botolnya.. Kukira pertamanya ini jus, lol. ^_^

  3. Packagingnya lucu banget kaya botol susu :3

    Waduh wanginya menggiurkan semua, jadi lapar #eh
    Yg strawberry and mint enak ga ce wanginya? :D