Beauty Blender Sponge Review

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Hello, lovelies~ This item is probably one of the few that took the beauty realm by storm when it was first launched. Not only is it appealing to see because of its pink color, but it also works beautifully to apply your base makeup. Finally, I have it in my arms, say hello to the Beauty Blender Sponge, ladies~

Sold for more than Rp 100,000, this regular sponge sure raises eyebrows with its questionable price. Even I was on the edge when I first heard about the price of a common makeup sponge. The pink, tear-drop shaped sponge is smaller in size when it's dry compared to its damp counterpart.

Before using it, I dampen the sponge with water, tap or mineral depends on my mood that day. The damp sponge will lessen the amount of product that gets absorbed by the sponge, but it is still a lot more compared to using brushes. It also give a dewy finish because of the slight damp state of the sponge.

The beauty blender sponge is quite dense and springy, unlike the usual disposable makeup sponge. When it is wet, the sponge becomes even bouncier than before, which is a property that I haven't seen in the sponge dupes so far. I can't yet judge the durability of this sponge because I've only had it for around a month of two, but so far it still holds. No tears, whatsoever.  

The bottom, rounded, wider part of the beauty blender is suitable to apply foundation on larger areas such as the cheek, chin and forehead. As for the top, narrow, pointy end makes it easy to reach the nooks and cranny such as the edges of my nose and under my eyes.

I use this mostly for liquid foundations, especially those that are thick in consistency because this helps to sheer out the foundation. It also helps it look more natural on my complexion. Plus, it's easier to bounce the sponge on my face compared to 'painting' it with a flat foundation brush. Oh, and no streaks! 

To clean the sponge, I use a baby laundry detergent to get the regular stains out, but if it gets stained heavily, I will use a cleansing oil. Yeah, just regular cleansing oil for the face and it takes off the stain very easily. No problems so far in staining for me.

Overall, I underestimated this sponge at first because I didn't expect it to perform as beautifully as I would liked. However, it helps to apply my foundation wonderfully without flaw or streaks. The sponge is easily maintained and travel friendly. I can even say that it will be hard going back to the dupes after trying this out from my personal experience.

Have you tried the beauty blender sponge? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below. Until then, I'll see you later~ 

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