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V10 Plus Vitamin C Serum Review

"Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out." Complete disclosure here

Hello, lovelies~ As I have mentioned on my blog posts more than once, I have an oily, acne prone, sensitive skin with loads of acne scars on my cheeks. Therefore, I am always in search for products that can help keep my acne away from my face and lighten my acne scars.

Enter V10 Plus serums that can be customized for not one, not two, but ten skin problems starting from acne, dull skin, saggy skin, etc. These dermatologist tested serums are made in Japan and we all know how Japan is so ahead of beauty technology. Plus, they have uber soft and smooth skin, unlike mine T^T.

Anyway, I was given an opportunity to try out the V10 Plus Vitamin C serum from Kawaii Beauty Japan for review, so here is what I think of it after a month of usage. 

The serum comes in separate dark yellow box that has the ingredients, direction of use along with the needed information inscribed on it. Nothing cute or eye catching about the box, but I don't mind as long as the inside is good. I'm not gonna use the box on my face anyway, lol.

Inside the box, the serum is packaged inside a clear glass bottle that is equipped with a pipette dropper to dispense the product for use. The first thing that caught my eye is the color of the bottle, which is yellow. It doesn't have the most effective packaging, but I keep mine away from sunlight, so it should be safe.

Each serums have different color bottles, which I find very cute and thoughtful. It's like some sort of color therapy that lifts up the mood when one is gloomy. I mean, who wouldn't be happy to see these colors?

As I skimmed along the ingredients, there is no paraben to be found in this water-based serum. It uses phenoxyethanol as one of the preservatives, instead. There is no colorants, mineral oil, chemical fragrance, or silicone in this serum, making it more and more suitable for sensitive skin. It has Obaku, which claims to control secretion of sebum.

As for the vitamin C source, this serum uses magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. I'm glad that they choose to use this source for vitamin C because:
  1. It is a stable vitamin C, so it degrades longer than other source of vitamin C
  2. Non-irritating compared to other sources of topical vitamin C because it is less acidic and has less exfoliative property
  3. Suitable for people with sensitive skin because of the second reason
Usually I tend to break out whenever I use vitamin C serums that uses straight up ascorbic acid, that is why I prefer this magnesium ascorbyl phosphate on my skin for vitamin C. There are a couple of reason why I am into vitamin C, such as:
  1. Brightens my skin without any flakiness or dryness like using retinoic acid
  2. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin so my skin stays supple and lesser fine lines
  3. Works as an antioxidant that help reduce any free radicals on the skin, keeping it healthy and supple
  4. Fixes any damages that has been done by the sun (UV damage, mostly)
  5. Functions as an anti-inflammatory, thus reducing any redness or inflamed acne on my face
The serum is transparent in color just like water, but has a slightly thicker consistency than water. All I need is three drops for my face and neck right after washing my face. Just patting it evenly all over, simple. It sinks into the skin in a jiffy without any greasy of sticky feeling. I didn't notice any scent while using this, so that's good.

I've been using the serum for a whole month after cleansing my face with a face wash. I saw improvement on my overall complexion being brighter and softer, but let me show you pictures for comparison.

As you can see, my right cheek (where most of my acne lies) has less redness compared to before I used the serum. My face feels smoother than before I use this serum religiously, day and night. I also notice lesser acne appearance on my face. I am surprised and happy at the same time! :)

Overall, I really fell in love with this serum for its acne-fighting properties and reducing the redness on my face. Another thing I notice is that the acne scars are slowly starting to fade on my right cheek. My skin felt soft, smooth and brighter using V10 Plus Vitamin C Serum.

Thanks again to Kawaii Beauty Japan for the opportunity to try this wonderful V10 Plus Serum. You can read more about Kawaii Beauty Japan on their facebook and website on the links below. Tell me down below what your favorite serum is or what you are currently using, okay? Until then, I'll see you later~

Website | Facebook 

P.S: The 'V' in V10 Plus stands for variety and the 'Plus' means that you can add it to your skincare regimen. Pretty cool, huh? ^_^

UPDATE: This serum lasted me four months with twice daily use, day and night, 3 drops. I'm thinking of repurchasing it, honestly. ^_^;;

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  1. aihh jerawatnya bisa hilang >.< aaaak racun banget ciiiii

    1. Iya, emang ga instan dalam seminggu, pelan tapi pasti. Jadi cerah juga pula :)

  2. I've seen these in the drugstore here in Finland but they costs like 80 bucks a little bottle *sigh*

  3. racunnnn....

    berapa an sis harganya? kyaaaaa

    1. Di Jakarta blm tau harganya brp, tapi kalo di Singapore sekitar SGD $130.00. Cukup mahal.. ^_^;;

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience! Do you find that the serum gives you Whitehead's? Have you tried their water mask?