Monday, October 28, 2013

shu uemura Beauty Bloggers Gathering Luncheon

Hello, lovelies~ shu uemura held a small blogger gathering last week and they were very generous to invite little, old me to the luncheon. They have released a new foundation which claims to be able to glow under any light. Sounds familiar? Keep on reading to find out more :) 

The luncheon was held at Lotte Shopping Avenue at Seribu Rasa restaurant, along with a few other beauty bloggers who I have met before. There were new ones that I haven't met, so it was glad to met and chat with them.

The gathering started with a little introduction (and demo) of the new released foundation called the Lightbulb foundation. As I've mentioned before the claim is 'Glow under any light', be it the natural or artificial light. 

As the makeup artist was about to start the makeup demo on the model, we were told to take off our makeup to try out the Lightbulb foundation.

As we were getting our shades matched, they informed us that we get to take the foundation home to try, along with the sponge. I was like, yeaaaaah~ This is a foundation junkie you're talking to, yo! I was matched to shade 564 out of the 8 available shades. 

The session continued to do a full on makeup, using shu uemura products that were laid on the table before us It's just a like a makeup playground. I tried out their eyebrow pencil, you know the one shaved to a nigata-style sword? It. was. awesome. *clears throat* 

Anyway, aside from me taking notes on buying the eyebrow pencil, the makeup session ended and we had a great lunch. Light conversations and laughs were exchanged, before we went to the shu uemura counter at Lotte Shopping Avenue.

The first thing that caught my eye were the teddy bears that had fake eyelashes stuck on them. The teddies are not for sale, of course, but the lashes are.

My fave out of the bunch.
Pictures were taken and it was time to go home before traffic gets all crazy. I will be posting a review on the shu uemura Lightbulb foundation in a separate blog post, so please be patient, okay? :) Thank you, shu uemura Indonesia for the invitation to the luncheon and the opportunity to try out your foundation. Love it!

P.S: Look who I found at the shu uemura counter. Thanks again, shu uemura~ ^_^ 

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