Monday, October 14, 2013

Holika Holika Jewel Blusher Sweet Pink Review

Hello, lovelies~ I haven't gotten any blushers lately, so I bought one from Holika Holika because it was affordable. It was under Rp 60,000 and I thought that was a good price to pay for a Korean-brand blusher. After using it for a week or two, here is what I think of the blush. 

It came on a small transparent case that has holographic images of jewel hanging from a string on the top half of the case. The lower half of the case shows the color of the blusher, along with a little brand logo on the bottom center part. 

It doesn't say what ingredients it has because it doesn't come with a separate box or information. I can't really say much about this part, but usually powder blushers may contain talc, mica, dimethicone and the sort to keep it silky smooth. 

The blusher doesn't come with its own brush, but I can always apply it with my fingers if I needed to. It opens from the bottom, so it latches upward revealing the embossed jewel pattern of the blusher. 

Here is a closer look on the embossed surface of the blusher. It's a diamond pattern and mine has already been used, but you can still see the faint pattern on it. It makes the blusher cuter because of the pattern.

If you look a little closer, there are hints of gold shimmers within the blusher. I was worried about this the first time, but turns out it doesn't appear as chunky glitter all over my cheeks. *phew*

The shade I got is called Sweet Pink, which is a soft pink with peach undertones. I tend to look better with a peachy pink shade, rather than a straightforward peach shade. Glad to add this to my small blush collection. The color pay off is quite good with just one swipe of my fingers. 

Unfortunately, when applied to my cheeks, the color failed to show up on my skin tone. It can probably show up in those with a fair complexion since it is quite a soft color. I use my blush brush from elf to apply the blush and loaded it like the pic below.

Sadly, it doesn't show up on my skin tone. The color is probably to light on my light-medium skin tone, I can picture fair skinned girls pulling this soft blush beautifully. 

I'm not gonna even talk about the longevity of this blush when I can't even see it clearly on my cheeks. However, it does look cakey after I applied a second layer. Judging by the pigmentation of the blush when I swatched it on the back of my hand, I am somehow intrigued on buying another color. One that is possibly a bit more brighter so that it will show up on my cheeks.

How about you? Have you tried this blusher from Holika Holika? I heard they opened a new store in Taman Anggrek a few weeks back. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below and until then,. I'll see later~ 

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  1. Tapi di foto swatch pipi cakep ko ci keliatannya seperti natural blushing dari sana nya.. pretty :D

    1. Iya cuman untuk dapetin warna itu mesti pake 2 lapis, Dil~ Jadinya powdery amat sangat T^T

  2. bagus sih sebenernya warnanya, ga apa2 ga terlalu keliatan, jadi lebih natural gitu kan hehehehe.. :P