Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hada Labo ES Makeup Remover Review

“Disclosure: I bought this product with my own money. I am neither affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to write this post. My opinions honest and my own.” Complete disclosure here

Hello, lovelies~ Hada Labo has been one of my favorite Japanese skincare brand because of the absence of alcohol, mineral oil, petrolatum and fragrance in their products. These ingredients are the most common ones that causes acne on my skin, so I've been a loyal customer of Hada Labo that lack all those ingredients. 

They came out with their new skincare line for sensitive skin called ES and I got my hands on the makeup remover a while back. I purchased it in Guardian Singapore while I was looking for something to eat at 313. Yeah, right. Anyway, after using it for around three weeks, here is the review.

The makeup remover comes in a square bottle with a pump on top to dispense the product. I usually use a pump or two at the end of the night before I wash my face. Since it is a square shape, it doesn't take up much space on my bathroom sink.
As with most Hada Labo products, it is free from alcohol, mineral oil, fragrance and colorant. For the ES line, it is also devoid of preservatives. Isopentyldiol is possibly the ingredient that is responsible in removing any makeup on the face. This may also be the ingredient that makes it water soluble or easily removed by rinsing.

The slightly-thicker-than-water consistency worried me at first because it looks weak and won't be able to remove my makeup. It just looks like water when I pump it onto my palm supported by the transparent color. The makeup remover doesn't omit any strong scent that is offensive to my nose, that's good.

I usually use a pump or two, depending on my makeup that day, of the makeup remover on my face. After dispensing it onto the palm of my hand, I applied it evenly all over my dry face and lightly massage it. It feels cooling and soothing on my face, so I would usually do this for around 30 seconds before rinsing it with water. It still needs to be rinsed unlike other makeup removing water out there.

Remember in the previous paragraph how I underestimated the cleansing power? Well, I was proven wrong. Even though it is catered for sensitive skin, it doesn't automatically mean they use a weaker ingredient. It removes my makeup easily without having to tug hard on my face. You can see the makeup removing power on the picture below.
L-R: CC cream, Eyebrow powder, lip stain balm, concealer, eyeliner and long lasting lipstick

Overall, I am pleased with the removing power of the makeup without the addition of fragrance, colorants, and alcohol. I find the lack of those ingredients makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin. The slightly thicker than water consistency makes it friendly for those who are scared of oily feeling on their face. You can see the summary of the review below.

Have you tried any cleansing product from Hada Labo? What about their cleansing oil? Let me know in the comment below and until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. ahh cleansing water from hadalabo~ I need to try this ce~ sayang banget belum masuk di Indo :(

  2. Yang di Indonesia adanya cleansing oilnya ya. Kykny aku pernah liat di Watson deh.

  3. dibandingkan dengan bioderma, lebih suka yang mana ci? hihi

    1. Kalo dari segi kekuatan membersihkan, dua2nya suka, tapi kalo dilihat dari segi praktisnya, lebih suka Bioderma karena ga usah dibilas. :)

  4. Di Indo banyak yg blm masuk yaa... Nyari cleansing oil ama water susahhh gtu.. Di SG,KL bertebaran sgala macem merk di Sasa ma Watson >.<