Monday, September 16, 2013

SKIN&LAB Vitamin A Plus Lifting Cream Review

"Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out. " Complete disclosure here

Hello, lovelies~ Antioxidants is mighty important for our healthy, be it consumed orally or topically via our skin. Sometimes it is a little hard to find antioxidant cream that contains vitamin A, C, or E. However, with SKIN&LAB, it is now easy to find the right antioxidant cream for your skin's needs. 

SKIN&LAB provides a wide range of antioxidant cream or vitamin cream that can help to cater to various skin problems one may have, such as photoaging, acne, or even dark circles under the eyes. Pretty convenient, right?

Not only that, you can also mix the vitamin cream to create your own concoction to suit the skin problem you may have. For example, vitamin C + vitamin E makes a great antioxidant combination to brighten and moisturize the skin! All you have to do is combined both cream and apply like you would a normal moisturizer.

A couple of weeks ago, the WISH company team sent me a tube of SKIN&LAB Vitamin A to try. Thank you, guys~ I have already tried the small sample that they gave me a few months ago, so I know how it's going to be on my face. Here is what I think of the cream after 2 weeks of use. 

The vitamin cream came in a silver reflective box with a bold bluish purple font on it. I'm not quite sure whether it has the ingredients printed on the box because I can't read Korean language. 

Inside the box, the vitamin is packaged safely inside a silver squeeze tube with a black twist off cap. I like that the packaging is opaque and in a tube because it minimizes air exposure, making the vitamins last longer than the traditional jar packaging.

Since I can't find the printed ingredients list on the box, I googled and found the English version. It uses Retinol as the source for vitamin A, along with other fruit extracts that helps to moisturize and soothe the skin. I was pleased to see that the plant and fruit extracts are located high up the list right after the emollients, which means that it has a large amount of those extracts. Not placed on the bottom like most creams.
There is a seal when you open the tube at first, so you know that it is a new product. This also helps to reduce the air exposure when you want to use it later on. I am usually like this when I have a couple of skincare items lining up to be tested. ^_^
Once out of the tube, I can see the white cream that kinda looks like a gel consistency. It has a slight lavender scent that fades when I blend the cream on my face. I don't find the scent annoying since it helps deliver me to sleep as I apply it at night.

I can't really speak for the sagging and wrinkle fighting aspect of this cream, but I can say that this cream helps smooth out the rough areas on my face, like those near the jaws. Unlike other creams, the effect of smooth skin stayed even after I've washed my face. I've also noticed that this cream reduces my acne because it contains retinol. No before after picture on the roughness aspect because it needs to be touched to feel the difference. ^_^

Even if this is a cream, I don't feel it sticky on my skin, love! I cut up some small pieces of oil blotting sheets and sprinkle it on top of the applied area. In comparison with cream X, the SKIN&LAB Vitamin cream has less paper sticking on it.

Overall, I can see that the team over at SKIN&LAB has developed a well made line of skincare that helps to restore and rejuvenate our skin by using vitamins topically or on our skin. This helps the reduces free radicals on our skin that is the main culprit of wrinkle, sun spots and other skin problems.

With its non-greasy and non-sticky property, this cream is great to have if you have sun spots or experience rough skin due to high sun exposure. However, keep in mind that it still depends on your skin's sensitivity towards certain ingredients, so it may break you out if you are sensitive/allergic to certain plant extracts. Unfortunately, it is not yet available on counters in Indonesia, but you can always get it at WISH TREND!
You can get your daily dose of SKIN&LAB vitamin creams at WISH TREND delivered to your doorstep because of their world wide shipping. Don't forget to check out their facebook page and twitter account for more new and updates about their current promotions.

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  1. masukin ini ke wishlist >.< lagi nyari alternatif vitacid si kesayangan~
    ini boleh dipakai jangka panjang kan ya?
    masih rada bingung mau coba krim atau serum nya :D

    1. Boleh dipake jangka panjang soalnya kan dia ga terlalu concentrated kaya si vitacid dan pakenya Retinol. Aku juga kepikiran serumnya nih yang ACE.