Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DOAPJ Brand Picks: Etude House

Hello, lovelies~ Yes, another new segment on this blog called 'DOAPJ Brand Picks', where I lists 5 products that I like most from a specific brand. I had this idea a while back when I was looking at Emily Noel's One Brand makeup tutorial and thought it was fun to list the things I like from one brand. To start off the first series, here are the things I like from Etude House. 

Moisture Cleansing Oil <- Click for detailed review
They have another variant which is meant for oily skin, called the Fresh Cleansing Oil. It takes off my makeup easily and rinses off without any greasy feeling on the skin. One of the things I like most from this product is the absence of mineral oil, petrolatum and alcohol.

Drawing Eyebrow Gray
With a triangular shape, this eyebrow product makes it easier for me to fill in my brows and shaping them. To top it off, this eyebrow product has its own spoolie, which makes it very travel-friendly because I don't need to bring a separate brush for my eyebrows. LOVE!

Dear Darling Neon Lip Tint in 02 <- Click for detailed review
Granted, I haven't tried out every single one of their lip tint, but this one was a definite hit. The color looks super bright in the tube, but it can be applied either sheer or bold.

Surprise Essence Stick Concealer <- Click for detailed review
Don't let the simple, toy-like packaging fool you. This little baby is crazy pigmented and easy to travel with since it is a stick concealer. No need to include it in the LAG regulation, yeah~

Cleansing Dream Cleansing Cream
Another product that works to take off any dirt and makeup when my skin was at its driest. It didn't dry out my skin after I rinsed it off. I use the one that is in the pink squeeze tube. That is one awesome product to use when my skin was flaking and very dry.
I don't have the product anymore, credits
Those are the things that I adore and have repurchased a few times from Etude House. If you have extremely dry skin, I recommend you try the Collagen Moistful essence and emulsion. It made my dry, flaky skin very moisturized. What are you favorites from Etude House? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~

P.S: These may not have worked for your skin, but it works on mine, 'kay? Full disclaimer here

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