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Skin Class by Bioderma

Hello, lovelies~ If you watched Youtube, you are probably already familiar with the Bioderma Sensibio H2O because most beauty Youtubers have been raving on and on about it. I, personally, have used it for a year and fell in love with this gentle yet powerful cleanser. Last Saturday, I was invited by the Bioderma team for a skin class to know better about the skin and Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

Pink & White
I was first to arrive at the venue, welcomed by Beatrix ( Bioderma Brand Manager) and Yi Chieh (Bioderma Asia/ Pacific Trainer). The place was decorated beautifully with white and pink, which is the color combination of Sensibio H2O. There were balloons and crepe paper that makes the room cheerful and girly.

To top it all off, there were a lot of Sensibio H2O everywhere, snucked comfortably inside transparent glasses. I like that the small ones were placed inside a wine glass and one of them was^ + upside down. It kinda gives a cute vibe, love it! ^_^

While waiting for the others to arrive, I chatted with Bioderma's managing director, Louis, who is practically the one who brought Bioderma to Indonesia. Louis, if you're reading this, I am forever grateful for your hard work bringing Bioderma here. ^3^ Snacks were provided, along with cheese and crackers, yum!

Bioderma's Brief History
After we chatted and snacked for a bit, the skin class started by a few opening words from Louis about Bioderma and its history.

Beatrix, the brand manager, picked up where Louis left off, introduced the concept behind the name Bioderma, which is BIOlogy at the service of DERMAtology. She also presented the the mission of Bioderma, which is 'Dermatologically safe for even the most sensitive skin'. A wonderful concept of taking care of the skin is given by the founder of Bioderma, Jean Noël Thorel in the slide below.

The presentation was continued by Yi Chieh who told us the difference of sensitive skin, according to the Bioderma classification. This was a very informative session for me because it gives me more knowledge on which type of sensitive skin I belong to.

He also told us the difference between intolerant skin and reddened skin, so that we will be more aware of it when our skin looks red.

A little info on sensitive skin

The Gentle but Powerful Sensibio H2O
The presentation was brought to halt when they want us to conduct a 'test'. They want us to measure the pH level of each product that was commonly used in daily cleansing. We were divided into two groups, with a sheet of paper and some brand X samples to measure. Louis explained briefly the litmus papers and how to use it.

The product will be smeared onto the litmus papers to find out if their pH levels. Our skin has a pH of around 5.5, so those products should be near those numbers for it to be deemed a good product. If it is lower than 7, the product would be too acidic and has a higher tendency to irritate the skin. However, if it has a pH level of more than 7, the alkaline would strip off all of the skin's natural oils and disrupt the natural barrier.

Here is the result of the test that we conducted. Most of them are quite far from the skin's pH level and only the micelle is closest to the skin's normal pH level. What is micelle, you ask? It's the Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

To demonstrate Bioderma's cleansing power, Yi Chieh applied a thick layer of foundation and loose powder on the back of my hand. He proceeded to wipe a straight line to show the difference. It may not be too visible in the picture below, so I provided you with my previous video that I made a couple of weeks ago to show you the cleansing power.

Even though it looks exactly like water, it has the capability to remove makeup and dirt from our skin, thus keeping our skin healthy. It also restores the layer of lipids that has been removed during the cleansing process, leaving the skin soft, smooth and healthy. This powerful cleansing water has won numerous beauty awards each year, let's hope they won one this year, too!

Welcome to Indonesia!
Soon after the mini test and cleansing demo, the presentation ended with a note from Beatrix, who announced that Bioderma Sensibio H2O will be available starting 1 September 2013 in Guardian stores at the Jabodetabek area. The Sensibio H2O will be available in 2 sizes; 100 ml and 250 ml.

There will be other ranges from Bioderma as well, such as sun screen and hair products. I can't wait for them to be available in Guardian.

I have already reviewed the Bioderma Sensibio H2O, so you can read on what I think about their product by clicking this link. I want to thank Bioderma for holding such a wonderful and informative class. Hopefully, they will hold more #BiodermaSkinClass in the future after they have launched their product in the Indonesian market. Thank you, Bioderma team for such a lovely Saturday afternoon!
L-R: Beatrix, Yi Chieh, Me, Louis, Emily (I think ^^;;)
In short, I will leave you with what I think about Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

For more information on their products, you can visit their social media pages. If you would like to make a suggestion for the brand or just requesting another #BiodermaSkinClass, be sure to drop your messages on their facebook page.

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  1. pembersih make-up dlm berbentuk cair = kayak toner ya??

    1. Persis kaya Pixy Cleansing Express, tapi ini ga ada kandungan fragrance, alkohol, colorant, dll. :)