Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Day, Indeed.

Hello, lovelies~ How is August treating you so far? It has treated me like Cinderella since there were no house assistants at home, so I'm left doing chores, lol. No matter, we ate out most of the times, anyway. Mr. G has his birthday last week, but we celebrated the day after because I have to stay at home that time. We went to Happy Day, a restaurant along Juanda street that we often frequented.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this restaurant is the wide variety of food served. Customers can choose from Asian, Western, Italian and Indonesian cuisine. While Mr. G gets hakau and siew mai, like he always does, I chose garlic bread for the appetizer. The price for each dim sum is around Rp 20,0000-ish, so it's not that expensive. The garlic bread is the soft type, kinda similar to Pizza Hut's older garlic bread. They taste good~ ^_^

Both of us got the Tenderloin steak served with chips on the side. I like mine medium, but it does come on a hot plate, so I placed it on my plate to prevent it from cooking further. The meat is tender and not overcooked, so it still has its juices inside, yum.

For dessert, I ordered Ice Kacang, just because, lol. The portion is big, so I shared it with Mr. G. It was very sweet at first, but as the ice melted, the taste becomes just right. It's is very different with Manado's Es Kacang that I'm used to, but this one is tasty, too!

I'm glad to be able to celebrate his birthday with him. It's the little things that matter, like eating out with your loved one or just having a small cake at home singing a birthday song. I intend to make a lot of memories in this blog, so that one day I can look back and remember the feeling I have that day. Got him a small cake because we're both fat already, lol.

So, happy birthday, love! I still haven't gotten him a present, but probably just gonna straight up ask him, instead, lol. 

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  1. Huwaaa.. Happy birthday to Mr. G!!
    Aku sering liat tuh restorannya, tapi gak pernah masuk. Hahahaha...

    1. Thank you, katanya~ Aku pas kecil sering makan di situ waktu diamasih buka di Gading. Sayangnya yang Gading udah tutup and jadi La Piazza, huhuhu T_T

  2. Happy Birthday to Mr.G, ci!
    Aku juga suka kemariii >_< aku suka pasta marinara nya :9

    1. Next time bakal nyobain pasta marinaranya deh, Teph~ Thanks for the birthday wishes~ ^_^