Monday, August 19, 2013

FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil Review

Hello, lovelies~ Cleansing oil has been incorporated in my routine ever since I learned that my oily skin doesn't need to fear the power of oil for a deep and thorough cleansing process. I started using cleansing oils before my face wash and noticed that the acne on my face becomes less apparent ever since. A lot of beauty brands have come up with their own cleansing oil and so does FANCL, so I tried it for two weeks to see how it works for me.

I bought it at Changi Duty Free when I was going back home to Jakarta a few months ago. It was priced at Rp 250,000 or SGD $30.50, which was cheaper by SGD $3.00 compared to the one on their official website. It comes with a separate light blue box that has all the information printed on it and inside it.

The box is unlike the others because to open it, you have to tear the box straight down the middle, instead of on top. Inside the box, there are information printed on it. Using this method, they're capable of fitting all of the information they needed for the consumer.

It also gives you a freshness sticker to place on the bottle so that you will know when it will go bad. Writing the date on your products is a good habit to keep up because it will remind you when to throw out the product if it has already gone bad.

One of the things that made me bought this cleansing oil is the absence of fragrance in the ingredients. It also has green tea powder in the mix, so it may help with controlling my excess sebum.

The packaging is almost similar to most cleansing oils I've used, which is a pump bottle. The color scheme is a light blue with hints of green undertone just like the box that came with it. The pump dispenser makes it easy to estimate the amount needed for each cleansing session. It is also equipped with a secure lock so that when the pump is accidentally pushed, it won't spill and make a mess.

The consistency is almost similar to a frying oil, but this is slightly thicker. It is a transparent liquid that has no scent when pumped out of the bottle and applied on my face. Keeping their promise of fragrance free, I see. The cleansing oil spreads easily on my face, thus no hassle whatsoever in removing my makeup.

To use the cleansing oil, I simply use a pump onto my hand and spreads the oil evenly all over my face. Afterwards, I just massage my face gently and less pressure with my fingers for around 30 seconds. This ensures me that I get all of the dirt and excess sebum from the surface of my skin. Once  30 seconds are up, I simply rinse it with water and follow up with my skincare routine.

This cleansing oil from FANCL is able to remove most of my makeup that I use on a daily basis. It takes them off effortlessly without having to tug hard on my skin. The video below demonstrates the power of this cleansing oil when it is removing most of my makeup. You be the judge. ^_^

I use a different method when cleaning my face and my eye area. For my eye area, I remove the makeup by pumping the cleansing oil onto a clean cotton pad and placing it for around 30 seconds on my eyelids. After that, I just swipe it clean and continue removing the rest of my face makeup by using the method from the previous paragraph. I'm just not comfortable with tugging my eye area and getting some of the product in my eye.

My face felt soft and clean, without feeling taut when I try to smile. Despite it being a cleansing oil, I didn't feel my face being oily after I rinsed it with water. Some cleansing oil that are moisturizing tends to leave a greasy residue behind after rinsing it with water, but this doesn't. In short, here is a summary of the cleansing oil in bullet points.

Have you tried this cleansing oil and did you like it? Let me know in the comments below what you like from it or if you haven't tried it, tell me what your favorite cleansing oil is. Until then, I'll see you later.

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  1. whooo, penasaran cii, baru denger kali ini brandnya ^_^

    kayaknya bagus, tapi mesti beli di Sg yah, eh di watsons/sasa SG ada ga ya ci kira-kira?

    1. Hmm, di Watsons kayanya ada deh.. Lebih murah beli di duty free nya tapi~ ^_^

  2. Lucu juga ada labelnya, biasanya produk2 aku kasi label sendiri.
    Untuk bersihin mata juga lebih suka pake kapas dulu, kalau pakai jari trus liat muka belepotan di kaca rasanya gimannnaaa gitu.


  3. Di mana ya bisa belinya?