Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Face Shop Lovely me:ex Design My Eyebrow (Auto) in Gray Brown Review

Hello, lovelies~ I am quite a late bloomer when it comes to using eyebrow products. Maybe because I never really cared about it until I realized that they can make a huge difference to my overall look. With that said, I began exploring eyebrow products, particularly one that has gray shades. I don’t like my eyebrows looking brown, like in your face brown, so I chose this one to try out from The Face Shop.

Lovely me:ex from The Face Shop has quite a collection for eyebrows, eyeliners, powders, etc. I have tried their sponge powder for eyebrows and loved it, so I figured I’ll try out the auto version this time. I have to ask though, what is the deal with a moustache on an eyebrow product? o.O

I opted for the auto eyebrows since I won’t have to sharpen them after each use. Plus, I won’t have to carry a sharpener if I bring this baby along for travel. The shape of the product is triangular, making it easy to draw on the eyebrow since it does have a little slant on the edges.

With its compact size, this eyebrow product has a spoolie attached to the other end to brush out the shade evenly on the brows after ‘coloring’ them. This is a very travel friendly product for me because of the spoolie on the end. I can carry less makeup items in my makeup bag or even make room for others.

The color I chose for my brows are number 1 Gray Brown. I usually use a light gray or gray shade for my eyebrows, but I thought it would be better if I try out another color this time. It does have a brown undertone, but a little less stronger than the original Brown color.

The triangular shape of the eyebrow product makes it easier for me to fill in my eyebrows. It felt soft when it came in contact with my skin, so there were no irritation whatsoever when I used this. The shade fits into my skintone and my natural eyebrows, making it look natural in color. Sometimes, when I use Gray shades on my eyebrow, it may make my face look harsh, but this doesn’t, so.. phew!
Excuse my poorly groomed brows. 
I was initially afraid that it was going to look brown on my eyebrows, but thankfully, it doesn’t. Since it looks a bit weird to just show case the eyebrows, here is how it looks like in conjunction with my face. I only drew my left eyebrow to show you the difference of how a ‘neat’ eyebrow can make a person look more polished. 
My bare face in all its glory! lol 
I forgot how much this eyebrow costs, but I think it was under Rp 50,000. Quite cheap for a good product and has a number of shades as well. Most eyebrow products have two colors, black and brown, so it is usually hard for me to look for gray shades. It’s easy to use and practical to travel with, love!

I heard the one from Etude House is similar to this one and cheaper. I think I’ll go get that one if I have the time. Meanwhile, have you tried this product or have any suggestions as what to try for eyebrow products? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I’ll see you later~


  1. i use my silkygirl blockbuster eyeshadow for filling up my brow, they don't have any shimmer. Also, the price is really affordable price.

    Always love your post <3

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Will check them out later ^_^

  2. nice post :D mau cba pke eye brow tapi alis ku msih bandel. berantakan. haha

  3. Hihi aku juga tiada bisa hidup tanpa eyebrow pencil :D sampe sekarang masih setia pake viva queen eyebrow pensil yg bungkusnya warna oren karna gak habis habis dari dulu hehe.. lain kali mau coba merk korea kaya gini deh (eyebrow cara yg lagi tren banget)

    1. Aku juga pengen nyobain Viva ucmna warnanya ga ada yang abu2, hahaha, takut kalo pake yang item malah ketebelan.. Plus, rautanku suka ilang -_-" Murmer padahal ya~ ^_^

  4. alisnya ud bagus jg ce tnpa pensil alis dkk >.<

    1. Duh, makasih, Rin, jadi malu saya~ Pake acara kecukur sih kmrn, jadinya agak botak yang sebelah kiri bagian atasnya (arch).. Huhuhu T_T