Monday, July 15, 2013

Mentholatum Acnes UV Tint Review

“Disclosure: I bought this product with my own money. I am neither affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to write this post. My opinions are of honest and my own.” Complete disclosure here
Hello, lovelies~ I hope everyone is well this Monday. It’s the start of the week, but just remember to think happy thoughts until the next weekend comes along, lol. Well, I wanted to review a drugstore item today and I’m sure that everyone in Indonesia is already familiar with Acnes UV Tint. I bought this at Giant Hypermart a few weeks back when I was getting my tea. I have heard many raves from those that have used it, especially on oily and acne prone skin. I’ve tried it on myself for three weeks, give or take, and here is what I think about it.

Acnes 1
I am pleased with the bottle packaging, even though I’m not a big fan of the green twist off cap. The tip of the bottle is quite small, so I can kinda control the amount I want to use on my face. The bottle has a plastic cover which has all of the descriptions on the back.

Acnes 3

Acnes 5

The ingredients are listed on the back and I’m glad that it didn’t have any of those sensitizing ingredients on my skin. It uses Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for sun protection, giving it an SPF 30/PA ++ since it is a physical sunscreen. This tint contains talc and dimethicone, so those with sensitivity towards those ingredients may want to watch out. It does contain fragrance, but it was nearing the end of the list, so the amount tends to be small.  For those paranoid of parabens, this doesn’t contain any parabens.

Acnes 2

As the name of the product implies, the watery lotion has a slight hint of color to it. It is not as pigmented as a BB cream or a foundation, but more of a tinted moisturizer kind. On my face, it doesn’t provide much coverage, aside from evening out my skin tone and reducing the redness on my cheeks. However, I do not really demand this to be giving out any coverage since it does work as a tinted sunscreen. As seen from the picture below, the consistency of the UV tint is quite watery, so be careful when pouring it on the back of your hand as it may spill.

Acnes 6

I use this as I would a normal sunscreen, which is right after washing my face or moisturizer, depending on my mood that day. You need to remember to shake the bottle before each use to mix the ingredients inside. Afterwards, I just poured the sunscreen on the back of my hand and place it evenly all over my face as the picture below shows.

Acnes Dot
Blending the sunscreen doesn’t take much effort, really. It just spreads and sinks into my skin without me having to blend like a mad man. I use my fingers to do the job, even though it stains my fingers afterwards, but it’s not that annoying. I find that it does have a chemical scent mixed with a powder scent. It doesn’t really bothers me, but I notice that it goes away after I blended it. It does have a slightly sticky finish seconds after I finished blending, but the stickiness disappeared after a minute.

As I’ve mentioned in previous paragraphs, it has very minimal coverage on my face since it is more like a tinted sunscreen, unlike BB creams. The UV tint has a mattifying property, giving a less shiny appearance on my face. My skin tone looks more even because the redness on my cheeks aren’t as visible as before. I can see this as a makeup base because of its matte finish. Plus, it is silicone based, so that’s even better for oily skin type.

With the presence of SPF 30/PA ++, I am even more happy with this UV tint because of the broad sun protection that it offers.  It uses physical sunscreens, which is rare in a drugstore sunscreen product. The white cast isn’t too bad when I took a picture using the camera’s built-in flash.

Acnes Flash

I find the oil control was quite good on my oily skin, lasting around 3 hours before my T zone starts looking a little shiny. Even then, the shine isn’t too obvious as if I am drenched in oil, it’s just a slight sheen on the T zone. A little blotting paper and re-application of powder/UV tint solves the problem.
Overall, I can say that I am quite in love with this product from Acnes. It feels lightweight and protects me from both UVA and UVB rays in the afternoon. Even though it stains my fingers slightly, it blends easily and gives a matte finish to my complexion. They could probably be better if they omitted the fragrance, but the amount is small to begin with since it is located near the end of the ingredients list.
Acnes UV Tint
While it doesn’t do anything to my present acne, it doesn’t aggravate it as well. I guess that is a good thing? I didn’t expect it to miraculously cure my acne, but if it does, that would be great. Besides, it already captured my heart when it felt really light weight and gives a matte finish. Heck, my Skin Aqua doesn’t even give a matte finish!

After trying it myself, I can now understand why this is praised by many people with oily skin types. I am now one of them. *all hail Acnes UV Tint* Have you tried this product? Let me know in the comments below if you have and what skin type you have, so your comment can help others better understand the product. Until then, I’ll see you later~


  1. sounds good~ :)
    so over all, in your opinion, which one is better? skin aqua or this one?
    i kinda run out my sunblock and wanna try something new. i have oily and acne prone skin, and contemplate to buy skin aqua, but after i read your review, this mentholatum looks superior than skin aqua.

    1. If you have sensitive skin, go with Skin Aqua since it is fragrance free. Skin Aqua has a semi matte finish and doesn't help evening out the skin tone.

      However, if you are looking for a matte finish with oil control, go with Acne UV tint. If you are allergic to chemical sunscreen, then this may be better since it uses physical sunscreen in the ingredients.

      I hope the answer is helpful. Good luck in looking for a new sunscreen! Remember, nobody knows your skin more than you do! ^_^

  2. My all time favorite sunscreen!!! ♡
    Semua kelebihannya menutupi kekurangannya *lebay :D*

    1. Me too! Tak bisa ke lain hati pokoknya xp

    2. Tos dulu va, sehati berarti kita :D
      *high five!*

  3. Pernah pake tp kayaknya jadi agak berutusan di mukaku :p (ga cocok kayaknya) tapi aku pake yang facial washnya aja sekarang hehhe

    1. Wah, aku malah facial washnya yang bikin jerawatan, kebalik kita~ ^_^

  4. Dulu aq pernah pakai ini, ce, oil kontrolnya bagus banget di aq, dia bikin wajahku terlihat cerah seharian juga, tapi setelah 2 minggu pemakaian malah jerawatan, dilanjutin malah makin banyak jerawatku, makin gede2 pula, akhirnya aq stop. Sayang banget padahal finish ama oil kontrolnya q lumayan suka

  5. my all time fav too.. entah udah repurchase berapa kali haha.

  6. My HG tinted moisturizer! Love this to death!

    1. Yeah, the tint is practical since it evens out the skin tone. Love~

  7. Pernah pakai Acnes UV tint dan suka juga. Tapi sekarang pindah ke lain hati, Innisfree no sebum sunblock.

  8. Aku juga sukaa.. bikin muka ku keliatan cerah tanpa keliatan cakey. mihihihi..

  9. Nice review, high quality pictures :)
    aku juga suka yang hasilnya matte.. Hehhe