Tuesday, July 2, 2013

L'Oreal Shine Caresse Review

“Disclosure: I bought this product with my own money. I am neither affiliated with this company nor am I being paid to write this post. My opinions are honest and of my own.”  

Complete disclosure here

Hello, lovelies~ I hope you're all well. Today, I wanted to review a lip product that I have tried out a few months ago when I went to Singapore. If you followed my instagram (@snangoi), I have posted a couple of pics of this baby from L'Oreal. If you look at the timestamp, I bought it in February 2013, but I forgot to review it, lol.

Loreal 14

This post should have been published a long time ago, but I kept on forgetting to take a picture of the product, so it’s been delayed. However, today, it’s finally published, yeay~

Loreal 1

Golden glam packaging
The lipgloss and/or lipstain comes in a separate box that has a small window to show the shade. I find this quite helpful because it helps in deciding which ones to buy if there were no testers. On top of the box, it has the shade name along with the number in a black sticker. I bought two colors that I can fairly use everyday which are Bella and Lolita.

Loreal 2

The lipgloss/stain itself comes in a golden reflective packaging that looks very chic. It has the plastic window in the upper third part of the packaging. Right next to the small window is the logo that is stylishly designed for this drugstore product.

Loreal 6

Loreal 7

Loreal 8

Skimming through the ingredients, I find the presence of alcohol among the other ingredients. However, I don't find it to be drying out my lips.

Loreal 5

Le shades
There are 8 shades in the Shine Caresse collection, but I only bought 2. I still have plenty of lipstick products at home, so I held back from buying other colors. See? I do have self control, hahaha..Loreal 10

Anyways, the colors I bought are Bella and Lolita. Bella is more of a corally red color, while Lolita is dark-ish pink with hints of shimmer, I guess. I should've seen that Bella has hints of coral in it. I don't look good in coral. Yeah.. Excuse my swollen eyes (if it shows), I had a bad day.

Bella SwatchLolita Swatch

Not your typical gloss applicator
The lipgloss/stain has a different type of applicator compared to the usual ones. It isn't a doe-foot applicator, but almost like an oval with one pointy end, very similar to YSL’s glossy stains.

Loreal 9

I like this applicator because I can apply the product easily around my cupid's bow. The pointy edge gives it that benefit.

Great color payoff
Priced at SGD $18.90 a piece, it has great pigmentation for a lip product. I get an even color all over my lips with one coat of this lipgloss/stain. It doesn't leave a streaky layer on my lips, provided that they aren't chapped.

Cooling sensation
This is probably due to the alcohol content in the lip product. I feel my lips were cool like they were splashed with cold water. Okay, fine, splashed may be overstretching it. Let's just say that it feels great to apply this on a hot day.

Gloss gone, stain stays!
As seen in the previous photos, my lips looks glossy when it was first applied. However, after a meal, the glossy look is gone, but! The stain is still there, so I won’t need to reapply my lip color after a meal. However, throughout the day, it does fade a little ,especially lighter colors.

Loreal 13

Even though there are 8 shades to choose from, I find that there are mostly reds, oranges and the mixture between the two. There isn't a natural pink or a muted pink or a dusty rose color, which would have suited my complexion better.

There is one color that is quite purple or lavender or lilac or whatever class of purple you want to categorize it in. It would be nice to see more pink or rose colors in this collection.

As for the pigmentation and longevity, hands down, one of the best drugstore product to deliver that to my lips. Despite its alcohol content, it manages to give a moisturizing feel to my lips, whilst cooling it at the same time.

I don't think this will be in my repurchase list since the color options are limited to reds, corals, and oranges. However, if you look great with this, go ahead and rock that look, girl! Until then, I'll see you later~


  1. phaniiii...selalu suka sama review elu hiihi....gw suka bgt sama caresse tp warna2nya "tua" bgt :s ga ada yg soft pink or peach gitu. lo bagus bgt phan pake Bella, gw ga cocok hehehe pgn beli yg lolita ;p

    1. Gw juga ga ngerti kenapa dia ga ada warna yang lebih soft/natural.. Gw aja sempet bingung milihnya waktu mo beli, untuuung, masuk warnanya.. ^_^;;