Monday, July 8, 2013

Garnier Skin Naturals BB Miracle Skin Perfector Review

Hello, lovelies~ A few weeks ago, I attended the beauty blogger event from Garnier, announcing the launch of their newest BB cream. As I’m writing this now, I’m sure that most of you can already find the products on supermarket shelves waiting to be bought, lol. After using it for about two weeks, here is what I think about it.
Garnier 1

The BB cream comes in a beige squeeze tube with a twist off white cap at the end. It houses 18 ml of product inside the compact and travel friendly tube. I personally prefer a flip cap, just so I won’t lose the cap easily when I open it, but if you’re not clumsy like me, then congrats. ^_^
Garnier 5

Alcohol is the second ingredient in the list, so that kinda worries me because my skin tends to break out whenever there is alcohol in the content. Aside from the worrying alcohol, this BB cream has Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate as their sunscreen, to protect mainly from UVB rays and some UVA rays. It is a potent chemical type sunscreen against UVB, but not so much against UVA. To create that smooth and silky feel, it has dimethicone inside. I couldn’t find the ingredients for the mineral pigment, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere.
Garnier 2

As with most BB creams that has limited shades, Garnier BB cream only has one shade that looks a bit dark when I first squeezed it out of the tube. It has the signature lemon scent from Garnier that is present in almost every product Garnier has. It can be a little strong for those who likes their products unscented, but the scent goes away after I blended the BB cream on my face.
Garnier 7

The BB cream has a slighty more watery and thinner consistency if it were compared with most Korean/Japanese BB cream. The consistency itself reminds me of a tinted moisturizer that feels lightweight on the skin. It blends easily on my skin and has a matte finish on my very oily skin. It also has a cooling sensation when applied to the skin, probably the alcohol. As for the coverage, I find it has a sheer to light coverage since it does even out the skin tone, but doesn’t do anything to even remotely conceal my blemishes.

For a closer look at the coverage, I’ve taken a picture of my right cheek to be able to compare between not using the BB cream and using 2 layers of the BB cream. while it does conceal a lot more with 2 layers, I feel that my face looks cakey and not natural. I can get away with only using a layer, but that is all a matter of preference.

On my very oily skin, it held off my excess oil for two hours on its own without any powder layered on top. I reckon it’ll work longer on people with normal/combination skin due to its average oil control. A little dusting of powder on top should hold the oil a little longer, I’d say around 3-4 hours.
After 2 hours

One of the things I dislike about this BB cream is the fact that it stains my fingers after I blended it all over my face. It’s just cumbersome to wipe your fingers after each application. I haven’t had any deep wrinkles, but looking at my fingers, I think it may (or may not) settle into fine lines.
Garnier 8

Overall, this BB cream is an affordable and lightweight BB cream that is suitable for daily use, given that you have no sensitivity against alcohol. I’ve created a list for those who are not motivated to read from the top, lol.
Garnier 12
Let me know your thoughts on this BB cream in the comments below? Does it suit your skin type? I’d especially like to hear from people who has dry skin since it has a matte finish, so I wonder if it will be too drying for them. Until then, I’ll see you later~


  1. aku barusan nyobain ci, alkoholnya berasa banget rada perihh T_T

  2. I've tried this BB Cream and I liked it but it broke me out after few days T.T
    sayang banget, padahal susah cari BB Cream disini yg beneran cocok buat kulit asia.. sekali nya ada yg oke, eh break out >.<

  3. aku nyoba bb cream ini beberapa hari setelah alergiku sembuh (^^;) sejak alergi, kulitku jadi kering (sebelumnya kombinasi). bb cream ini bikin dry patch jadi makin jelas (--") jadi mesti pake pelembab yg bener-bener oke dan moist gitu (bukan yg cepet nyerap, tapi yg bisa ngunci kelembaban) biar kulit ga makin kering kerontang dan ga flaky x(

    sejauh ini yg bikin aku suka sih hasilnya bikin kulit keliatan cerah, warna kulit lumayan rata, dan ngga bikin break out. dari pagi sampe siang juga ngga oxy (^^;)

    sayangnya bb cream ini baunya tajem banget (buatku). jadi, aku setuju banget cii, emang rada ganggu buat yg ga suka wangi-wangian di kosmetik ato skin care x(

  4. Heeee.. di aku malah kalo gak di set sama bedak tuh agak-agak lengket gitu, ci. Tapi aku suka sih walaupun coveragenya tipis tapi kulitku jadi keliatan lebih sehat aja gitu.. hihihi..

  5. Melihat banyak sekali bb cream suggestion, ternyata garnier ini cocoknya untuk kulit kering loh! Aku oily-combination dan sensitif. Coveragenya bagus meskipun terdapat white cast sedikit, tapi break outnya dan oily kacau :(

  6. Nice review, jadi pingin nyoba, cuma terakhir aku cek di daerahku masih blom ada che.. :(

  7. jg bru nyoba bb cream ini sdh 5 hr ini, baunya nyengat juga sih utk produk wajah, awalnya aq pke cmpur dgn HADA LABO Goku-jyun Alpha Lotion, trs bru pke BB cream garnier, eh agak siangan jd berminyak gitu, akhirnya aku beli skalian aja deh produk Garnier yang Oil Clear Foam dan Garnier Light Complete Multi- Action Whitening Cream, hasilnya lumayan, walo awalnya, kulit jd agak kering dan beberapa ada yg ngelupas di daerah dahi, tp skg udah engga.