Friday, July 19, 2013

Fresh Lips!

Hello, lovelies~ I rarely do tutorial posts on my blog, but occasionally I like to share a few makeup tips that I find helpful to my daily routine. One of the things I need to stay on my face while I’m out of the house is my lip color. Lately, I’ve been using this combination for a longer lasting lip color. However, it does require reapplication after a few hours, so it’s not a one time thing.


I’ve summarized the steps in picture so it’ll be easier for you to follow (or not, lol). I’ve also included the products that I use, but you don’t have to use the exact same products. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to makeup, you can do it as freely as you want. You can substitute the clear lip balm I use in this tutorial for a clear lip gloss or even a sheer colored lip gloss. I sometimes use the Silky girl gloss as well.

LT 8

Once you get everything ready, all you need to do is to follow the steps I’ve summarized in the picture below. I hope the picture is clear enough. ^_^

Lip Tint Steps
  1. Prep lips with balm, scrubbing them is a plus!
  2. Apply lip tint/stain evenly all over the lips. Wait for it to dry and continue applying more layers as you see fit. I usually use 2-3, depending on my mood.
  3. After it dries, apply a clear gloss on top. Since I currently have no clear lip gloss, I use my L’Occitane lip balm that gives a glossy finish as well.
No picture or it didn’t happen, right? Yeah, yeah, way ahead of you. I’ve had my dinner and coffee while wearing the lip tint + gloss method. Sure, the gloss goes away, but the tint is still present. All I have to do after dinner is reapply the gloss to keep my lips looking fresh.

Now, on to the dreaded questions and answers section of this post. I’ve taken the liberty of providing a couple of questions that may (or may not) be asked on the comments below. Please enjoy, douzo~

3 layers of lip tint?! That would dry the hell outta my lips!
Well, that’s where the gloss comes in. It gives moisture every time you reapply it on your lips. That is why I’ve told you in the first paragraph that this method requires (or rather demands) you to reapply the gloss whenever it is needed. ^_^

What if I don’t wanna use a clear gloss?
You don’t have to! I sometimes use a colored gloss that has a sheer pigmentation. This helps to bring the color back to your lips if your tint has slightly faded.

My lips are always chapped and dry, can I still use this method?
I’d recommend you scrub your lips before using this method because it would be better to have smooth lips, so the tint will adhere better and look more even. If you feel that even a gloss can’t save your dry lips no matter how many times you’ve reapplied it, I don’t think this method is for you. Oh, drink more water while you’re at it. ^_^

You lied! It doesn’t last all day as in 24 hours!! ARRRRGH!
Calm down. Take a deep breath and release. I never said that this would last all day, all night. All this method gives is a longer lip color, as in 6 hours tops. After that, you’ll have to reapply the tint or lipstick of your choice again.

I hate lip tints! Can I use lipsticks instead?
Honestly, I find lipsticks no lasting that long on my lips, so I won’t use this method with a lipstick. However, if you find that lipsticks tint your lips, then go ahead. The key is to keep the color on your lips as you add on more gloss for extra moisture and fresh looking.

That is all of the questions I can think of to help clear things out of the way. The downside of this method I found so far is the limited color selections as most lip tints are just red, pink and orange. I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial, let me know what more you would like to see in future tutorial in the comments below. Until then, I’ll see you later~ 


  1. Kapok pake liptint berlayeer-layer. hiks. Aku pake pagi, trus malemnya bibirku jadi pecah dan sakit. T.T Belajar dari pengalaman: Kalo pake liptint, rajin oles-oles lipbalm itu wajib hukumnya.

    1. Setuju..!!! prosedur sebelum pakai lip tint memang harus pake lip balm dulu biar bibir kita ngga pecah-pecah. Tapi semua juga tergantung brand lip tint yang kita gunakan juga,sis... kalo Lip tint dari Benefit mungkin ga bakalan bikin bibir pecah-pecah kyak brand lainnya.hehehe

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    2. Iya aku pake lipbalm nivea terus benetint ga pernah jadi kering bibirnya, tapi kalo ga pake lipbalm sih iya suka kering setelah 6 jam-an gitu. :)

  2. wahhh bibirmu jadi keliatan moist banget :3

  3. really love the glossy look!!

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  4. Natural banget kak! kayak bibir aslinya pink yang tinggal ditambah clear gloss. Beda yah kak kalo langsung pake pink gloss. Lurve itttt!

  5. I love the Cocoa Butter too! Barusan beli tube ketiga apa keempat ya, lost count :P TBS's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm cocok banget buat dasar lip colors apapun, going-solo pun lip balm ini oke banget.. Sayangnya nggak pake SPF, so I usually layer the Cocoa Butter one over Nivea Med Protection Balm yg ada SPF-nya :)