Saturday, July 13, 2013

DOAPJ DIY: Tinted Lip balm

Hello, lovelies~ I was looking through my drafts today and found one that I missed doing because I was busy all month last May. I haven’t really done DIYs for a while, so I thought this post is perfect to restart it all over again. Let’s just start with simple things like a tinted lip balm that you can make yourself.

DIY Lipbalm

The process of tinting of giving a sheer color to the lip balm is very easy. All you have to do is mix the lip balm with the color you wanted.
However, I was in the mood of experimenting when I made this, so I didn’t use lip balm. I combined bees wax and olive oil with a lipstick of my choice. You can always do the easier route of just mixing lip balm and lipstick, of course. Here are the ingredients and tools that I use.

DIY Ingredients

After you have prepped the ingredients, it’s time to make our lip balm. Keep in mind that you can always use a simple lip balm and lipstick for this method. Also, you can heat the ingredients on a spoon over a candle, but I wanted to make a larger batch, so I use the water bath method. As for the ratios, I use a tiny amount of bees wax just to keep the balm in shape.


DIY Beeswax

DIY Tint


After you’ve finished pouring the mixture into the desired container, let it cool for a couple of hours until it sets. It shouldn’t take a long time, maybe around an hour or two in room temperature. However, if you want it to cool faster, you can probably chuck it in the fridge.

I made two shades out of the whole process. One is more of a dusty rose, my lips but better color, whereas the other one is more of a reddish orange color. I named the shades as well, Winter Rose and Dracarys!, lol. Oh, the ridges around the left lip balm is because I accidentally closed it while it’s still cooling off and the right one is because of my naughty fingers trying to see if it has set. Apologies for that ^_^ ;;

DIY Shades

As you can see from the swatches below, it has a sheer to light pigmentation, depending on the amount you use. I doubt that I can pull Dracarys! on my lips. Orange tends to look weird on my complexion, lol.

DIY Swatch on Hand
Please excuse the lip swatches as this was taken after I’ve finished exercising. Thus, the red cheeks and unruly hair, lol. Anyway, the lip balms feel moisturizing due to the added olive oil, but in the future, I might want to use other oils because I can taste the olive oil, lol.

DIY SwatchYeah, if you can’t tell, the shades name are from GOT. I wanted Winter Rose because while reading the third book, I kinda wanted Sansa x Loras, but I forgot he was gay and in the Knight's Guard, hahaha.. Thus, the name Winter (from Sansa) Rose (House Tyrell's sigil). Dracarys! was just because it was an orange-y red which reminds me of the fire from Danny’s dragons. ^_^ I hope this brief DIY can be helpful to those who loves to DIY their makeup products. Until then, I’ll see you later~

P.S: I forgot to add, you can get bees wax at stores that sells chemical products (toko kimia) or if you're in Indonesia, you can look for them at Bratachem. 


  1. Hoaaa...cakeeep :)
    Kebetulan ada lipstick yang patah jadi mau buat ini. Ini olive oil-nya, yang extra virgin atau yang pure? Sama boleh tahu, bees wax bisa dibeli di mana? Thank you Phaniie...


    1. Mbak Dina, aku pakenya yang light olive oil, soalnya aku kurang suka baunya olive oil, tapi bebas kok mo pake minyak yang mana, asal bukan minyak tanah. #plak

      Bees waxnya bisa beli di toko kimia, mbak. Biasanya aku nyari di Pramuka or di Bratachem. ^_^

  2. Beeswax tuh teksturnya matte ya ci?? Berapaan ci harha beeswax nya dan untuk seberapa banyak? *detailnanya* hehe menarik banget ini tips nyaaaa :D

    1. Ha, teksturnya matte? Maksudnya finishnya? Aku beli sekg kalo ga salah inget 80-100 rb deh harganya. Blm kepake semua pula. >.<

  3. Lengkap amet bahannyaa >__<
    dari lipstick jadi tinted lip balm kerennn,
    Warnany bagusss pulaaa <3

  4. Wah, kreatif and nice color :D
    kapan-kapan mau coba ah, tapi bees wax nya mahal juga ya....
    oya tinted lip balmnya tahan berapa lama y?

  5. wah wah wah... kreatif pisan dirimu :3

  6. thanks for sharing ci :3
    mau coba ah kapan2 hehe