Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DOAPJ DIY: Homemade Body Butter

Hello, lovelies~ I was at home all day today, so I thought I’m gonna ‘cook’ a combination of beeswax and oil that I have lying around the house. I wanted to make a body cream/butter for Mr. G’s very dry heels that will helps moisturize it. Plus, I was kinda inspired to make a homemade body butter because of Lola’s theme this month, Natural Beauty. So, here is what I come up with!
Body Butter Cover

Disregard the owl stickers, I just feel like placing it there, lol. Anyways, I browsed the net for the recipe and found this one. I used grapeseed oil because I read that it’s good for the skin because of its antioxidant property, but I’ll see how it goes. The ingredients I used are listed down below.
Body Butter Ingredients

You’ll also need a blender or a mixer because the water is going to be combined with the oils and beeswax, hence the emulsification process. However, I start by brewing my green tea in hot water for about 2 minutes and let it cool while I melt the oils and beeswax.
Body Butter Tea

While waiting for the tea to cool, I mixed the grapeseed oil and beeswax together in a microwave safe dish. I melt both of them for 3 minutes total in the microwave. Afterwards, I just pour it into a container that I use to blend.
Body Butter Melt

Before pouring the tea into the oil mixture, I added a couple drops of essential oil to make the body butter a little fragrant. With a hand blender ready, I pour in the tea slowly in a fine stream into the oil mixture.
Body Butter Combine

Remember to work a little faster or else the process of emulsification may end and they won’t combine. I experienced it and the water just floats there not wanting to combine. When this happens, I pop it in the microwave for a minute before trying to mix it again, but it doesn’t always work. Anyway, once all the tea is incorporated, you’ll get something like a cream consistency.
Body Butter Consistency

Once the desired consistency is achieved, I poured all of it into the the empty jars that I’ve washed and dried. On the picture below, you can see that the jar isn’t full. This is because I separate it into 3 batches to give it color, but it won’t incorporate with the oil. Probably because my coloring is water based, lol. I’ll try with a gel next time.
Body Butter Jar

The consistency of this recipe resembles mayonaise and but it blends transparently onto the skin. I’ve tried it on my legs and I like the very moisturizing feel, but I don’t like to use it on my hands since it can feel a little too greasy. My hands and arms are not that dry, they’re of normal skin type.
Body Butter

Body Butter Swatch

I hope you enjoyed these types of DIY posts because I certainly had a great time making one. Do you have any homemade body lotion or body cream recipes? Let me know in the comments and until then, I’ll see you later~

P.S: The ratio of oil, beeswax and water is adjustable to your liking. If you don't mind a greasy finish, then put in more oil. If you want a lighter option, increase the amount of beeswax. ^_^


  1. dirimu emang TOP dehh <333
    tidak ada kata-kata lain *lebai* haha

  2. Waaw! Thankyou for sharing :D Itu beeswax sama essential oil ada di bratachem ngga ya? Terus nyimpennya di suhu ruang ngga apa-apa? tahan berapa lama? maksih sebelumnya :D

    1. Beeswax ada di bratchem, kalo essential oil, kayanya ga ada deh. Pertanyaan dua itu dijawab seminggu dari sekarang ya~ Masih blm tau juga soalnya. Kalo tahannya sih kyny sekitar 2 minggu kali ya, krn si grapeseed oil agak cepet basi.

      Lengkapnya minggu depan ya~ ^_^

    2. May, udah sebulan lebih, so far, blm ada tanda2 jamuran or baunya ga enak sih.. Masih tetep sama :)

  3. Ahh... So coooooolllll~ >_<
    Cm sayang alat & bahannya rempong >_< (bahan gak punya semua, gak punya microwave, blender kasian)
    Pingin body butter >_<

    1. Thank you, bisa pake cara water bath juga sih kalo ga ada microwave. ^_^ Tapi, kalo emang ga ada waktu, beli aja juga gpp ^_^

  4. phanie selalu DIY nya keren ^_~ sayang bahannya agak susah dicari :(

    1. Thank you, kapan2 dicoba~ Bahannya bisa dicari di Bratachem kok or toko kimia ^_^

  5. Uwooo.. Phanie hebat bikin body butter!! ^_^
    Mau dong Phaann.. dibikinin tapiiii, hohohoho.. XD

  6. texure pas ud jadi bodybutter kayaknya menjamin banget O__O
    bahannya beli dimana aja ceh XD *ketauan ansosnya*

    1. Pas buat kaki gw yang super duper kering >.<
      Beeswaxnya beli di Bratachem, tapi kalo mo beli per 100 gr di gw juga bisa ^_^
      Yang lainnya di supermarket ada ^_^

  7. wahhh keren-keren DIY nya, thanks for sharing yah ^^