Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia July Box

Hello, lovelies~ I’m back with another unboxing of the “number one beauty box in Indonesia”. Thankfully, they arrive just a week late this month. You know the saying, better late than never, right? I love how the customer service thought of me as a psychic that knows everything that is happening in this world, including the reason behind the delay of this month’s box. Maybe if I focus enough I can find a way to end world hunger as well. Oh, maybe I can even find the meaning of life while I’m at it! Open-mouthed smile
There is still no theme for this month, probably because they are all worn out from creating two boxes and it is kinda hard to create two themes every month. Hell, even I have a hard time looking for tweet inspirations. So, to cut all the hard work and fuss, BTI will only have one box in September, so they can be more focused on just one box. That’s a shame, so far BTI has shown creativity for changing the box from one box to two boxes and now back to one box. Being creative is hard, ‘yo!

Let’s just start with the insides of the box. I received an eyebrow pencil, a BB cream test kit, a lipstick, a body serum, and a hand sanitizer. It was so thoughtful of them to include a hand sanitizer in the box because I definitely didn’t realize that this is a beauty item, yeay for BTI! Now I know that a hand sanitizer is a ‘beauty treat’!

See? Even without the theme, they can still give you beauty product that ranges from eyebrows, body lotion and even hand sanitizers! Isn’t that just very creative? I warned you about their creativity, didn’t I? Don’t say I didn’t! Winking smile

As with most beauty boxes, BTI also subject their subbers to filling out a beauty profile that will determine what you get in the box. However, this month they seem to be such a great and fair beauty box company that everyone got the same items, yeay~ What a very fair beauty box! Thoughtful, too! This way people won’t be envious of other people’s box, no matter what their preferences are, yeay! Also, they included sachet samples, so I can take them on my holidays and won’t take up much space in my makeup bag. It may leak, but as long as I get a BB cream, right? ^_^

All in all, the blue box this month is very beautiful in color and the magnet on the sides makes it even more secure to store everything from accessories even makeup. I use mine to store my DIY stuff and it is a life saver. I used to have all of those things messed up in my drawer, but now I have it all in one container! Yeay for BTI! Keep making those boxes beautiful (not necessarily on the inside), team!

P.S: Oh, the contents? Yeah, they’re not my cuppa tea, lol.  Rolling on the floor laughing


  1. Super satire ci. Hahaha. Ini subscribe-an BTE terakhir ya?

  2. Box nya bagus, biru cerah. Boleh minta box hehehe.
    can't wait for your new DIY :D

  3. You stop doing utube vids...ahh shud do these unboxing vids

    1. I know, I just haven't gotten to recording again. T_T

  4. Untung yg terakhir cee~ punyaku masih panjang >_< dan sampe skrg yg juli belum datang juga..ampun dah..

    1. Aku udah baca postmu, Sha. Parah bener kotaknya sampe ancur blas gitu, ck ck ck ...

  5. Ngiahahah.. punyaku juga yang terakhir nih. Kotaknya sih iya lucu banget, tapi isinya yah mendinganlah dibanding yg bulan lalu.. hahaha

  6. Ngakak guling2 baca ini.... review yg lain dari yg lain hihiji