Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3M Nexcare Acne Cover Review

"Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out. " Complete disclosure here
Hello, lovelies~ Have you ever had that one annoying acne on your face that disturbs your day or event that is coming up within the week? I’ve always experienced it, especially when there is an event coming up. It’s like my acne decides to join in the fun and popped up a day before the event, grrrr. 3M came up with a new product that claims to help get rid of acne within 8 hours and they were kind enough to send me their new acne cover patch to try out.

Acne 6

The acne cover has four version, which consisted of a patch for males, females, larger areas and a fun pack that has cute shapes. The female and male version is just a standard round shape with two different size, while the larger areas patch has an oval shape patch.

Acne 1

Even though there are different shapes and sizes, all of the acne covers work the same way. It claims to absorb the ‘content’ of the acne or pimple or zit or whatever you call it into the hydrocolloid dressing or cover.

Acne 3

The acne cover also helps to protect the acne from outer contaminants, such as those coming from the air or even naughty hands that unconsciously touch the face. In this post, I am going to discuss the ‘Fun Pack’ since that is the one I tried on my face.

Acne 4

The acne cover has a konyaku jelly like consistency and tinted a slight yellow color. Since it is a hydrocolloid dressing, the acne cover isn’t as thin as a piece of paper and will look a bit elevated when placed on your skin. If you’re looking for an invisible acne cover that won’t be seen on your face, then this isn’t the product for you because the slight yellow tint makes it noticeable even from afar, unless of course your acne is on the back of your ear, lol.

Acne 5

It does help cover the acne quite well to prevent me from touching them unconsciously. The acne cover is quite sticky that it still stays even after my shower, lol. I guess it really is waterproof. However, it is sticky on both sides, so my hair is sometimes stuck there after placing the acne cover on my face. As seen in the picture below, I placed the star shaped acne cover on my forehead just because I love stars, lol.


Moving on to the claims that it ‘eliminates acne in an instant!’, really? Does it? Sadly, this acne cover doesn’t work to remove the acne on my face within 8 hours. The acne just stayed the same and the acne cover left a sticky residue on that area. It may look like it is slightly faded, but after the sticky residue is washed off, the acne is still there. I stuck the acne patch before I go to sleep and removed it in the morning when I wake up.

Overall, the concept of covering acne with a gel-like patch seems great, especially with the claims that it can ‘absorb’ the content of the acne, thus reducing or even eliminating the acne. However, it doesn’t say on the packaging what type of acne it is useful against specifically. I think it would be great if they included more information on the type of acne it is effective against, so that people won’t misuse it.

Despite the acne cover not working on my zit, I use it on my new acne to prevent myself from scratching or touching it. Even though the acne cover is waterproof and has a strong adhesion once placed on the skin, I still wouldn’t use it if my acne is on my cheeks because I tend to sleep on my side, not to mention tossing and turning all through the night. That usually makes the acne cover come off my face, but if you’re a back sleeper, then it’s fine, lol.

Acne 7

Since I have a lot of those acne covers now, I just use them after I’ve ‘extracted’ the yellow pus to reduce the chances of contamination and help stop the bleeding. Aside from that, it doesn’t really help with my acne. For around Rp 30,000-ish, I wouldn’t repurchase this when mine ran out.
P.S: Keep in mind, as always, that what I use on my face will not always produce the same results on yours. For those whose acne is gone with this, congratulations! Read my disclosure here for more details.


  1. I actually LOVE these! It works really well on me, i guess it doesn't always have the same result for everybody haha. It is very pricey, i got my first one in spore n it was like, crazy expensive (but i was curious...), it's cheaper here (finally it's available here...), disdus sometimes sell them and it's like, idr 10.000 cheaper than in drugstores or groceries. And it definitely helps preventing your naughty fingers from constrantly touching your face!

    1. Mindy, I found a way to make it work on me recently. I use them on the zits that have 'popped' accidentally. It sucks up all of pus and after that the swelling went away. Yeaaaah! ^_^

  2. Hello, Stephanie :-)

    How does it look like on the face? Is it clear to be seen?
    Once I saw it in Watsons I want to try it to cover my reddish acnes and to prevent to touch them, but I hasitate to bought because I'm not sure it would be looked 'normal' in my face (I think it looks like as if I put a sticker on my face) hehehe.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello, Anya~

      It looks quit obvious when you placed it on the face because of its slight yellow color. Plus, it's quite thick, so it'll be more noticeable compared to sticking a strip of band aid. ^_^

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you've enjoyed it~ ^_^

  3. So interesting ci >.< jd penasaran pgn coba jg
    tp emg harganya agk mahal :p hahaha

    1. Harganya emang kurang bersahabat cuman untuk patch doang, makanya kadang aku pake kasa. Murah meriah. ^_^