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Tosowoong Detail Clean Pore Brush Review

"Disclosure: This product was given to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out. " 
Hello, lovelies~ I was sent this pore cleansing brush from Wishtrend a while back to try out on my very oily skin with huge pores on my nose area. I have never heard of the brand Tosowoong before, so it is kinda like discovering a new item.
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The brush came in a blue box that has Korean language written all over it. I couldn't read a single one, so I proceed to throw the box away once I finished taking pictures of it. LOL
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When I open the blue box, I can that there are Tosowoong brand printed on the inside of the box. Probably one of the ways to tell if this product is genuine. Inside it is the pore brush that is covered in plastic to protect the bristles.
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After I managed to rip the plastic open, I get the feel of the bristles and they were so soft. It was like stroking one of the fluffiest and softest teddy bear ever made since Roosevelt popularized teddy bears. Anyhoo, I loved the bristles from the moment I lay my fingers on them. However, I still need to put it to the test of cleaning my face. Most of the time physical exfoliators (cleansing brush or silicone brush) will give me acne for the first two days.
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I've been incorporating it in my skincare routine at night time because I want to get all of the dirt and grime off my face before I go to bed. Imagining all of those leftover sunscreen and makeup on my skin is just horrible. Sends shivers down my spine. So, I use this right after I cleanse my face with a cleansing oil.

I usually pour some face wash onto the brush and continue massaging it gently on my face for a full minute. The time I spent to wash my face is always a minute. I did this by singing Fall Out Boy's Sugar, We're Going Down from the start all the way to the chorus and repeating it one more time. That's already a minute on its own.
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I love the way it feels on my skin every time I use this brush to cleanse my face. It feels soft on my face and not at all irritating like other brushes that usually pricks my cheeks. The curved body of the brush also makes it easier for me to grip it while washing my face. However, I do feel that the diameter of the brush is to big to get into the nooks and crannies of my face, i.e the sides of my nose. Other than that, it works well to clean my face.
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After I finished cleansing my face with this brush, I rinsed it as usual and pat it dry with a towel. My face will almost always feel smoother and softer. It claims to remove pore impurities, like blackheads, but I don't see much difference on my blackheads. It is usually stubborn and I need to extract it manually to get them cleaned. Some of the smaller blackheads can be removed with this brush, but the other tougher ones needs to be pushed out with a blackhead extractor. I

The downside I find with this brush is the long drying time. I find that it can fully dry to its original state after a day and a half to two days. It won’t usually dry overnight. Also, the density of the brush makes it a bit hard to rinse the cleanser from the brush completely. I don’t really mind that, but I do feel that there will be days when I’m just to tired and rinsing it off will be just another chore. Hopefully, that day won’t come, hahaha.. It would be cooler if it has its own case for travel, wouldn’t it?
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Overall, this brush is made for all skin types, dry to oily skin since it does help remove all of the dirt from the face. It works by removing any dead skin cell that is sitting on top of the face, so that it won’t build up and cause acne (in oily skin) or flaky skin (in dry skin). The bristles are very dense and soft that my face doesn’t feel like it’s being scratched when I use it. I find that it helps to prevent new acne from appearing on my skin  since my skin’s keratinization process is maintained with this gentle physical exfoliator.

Even though it takes quite some time to fully dry, I don’t think it will harvest bacteria because I tend to clean the brushes before I use it on my face. I’m just a bit paranoid that the bacteria will adhere to the bristles if they are in a damp/wet condition. Although it did nothing for my blackheads, it does keep acne away from my face. Thankfully, my skin has not encountered any problems while using this brush. I reckon it will last for around three months if I use it everyday, but so far I haven’t seen it shed.

If you’re interested in checking out the Tosowoong Clean Pore Brush, it is available on Wishtrend’s website. You can check out their Facebook for more news update on Korean beauty products. If you’re more of a visual person, tune in to their Youtube channel at WishtrendTV. They usually give out Korean beauty secrets from makeup, skincare and hair styles.

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  1. pengen banget brush ini! karena hidungku berasa tambang komedo. tapi tapi harganyaaa >o<

    jadi kelihatan bersih ya hidungnya. komedo yg kecil2 ilang.

    mungkin hanging nya jangan di kamar mandi? udah dicoba di tempat yg terkena angin gt kah? siapa tau lebih cepet?

    thanks for the review! makes me drooling more #pegangdompet

    1. Iya emang sih harganya rada menusuk untuk brush doang, tapi kadang suka ada yang diskon tuh di gmarket *bocoran* hahaha..

      Di kamar mandiku kalo pagi kena sinar matahari padahal, bingung.. >.<

      Dibanding beli Clarisonic kayanya mending ini sih, heheh ^_^

  2. keren hasilnya..reviewnya lengkap..
    lebih mempan untuk whitehead ya.. masih maju mundur mau beli ini.. >,<

    1. Asal sizenya yang kecil sih masih mempang, tapi kalo untuk yang gede banget kurang mempan di aku karena tetep harus diextract pake blackhead extractor ^_^

  3. Nice... buat blackhead lbh ngefek ya kl whitehead kurang kayanya ttp harus dipencet hehehe..

    1. Yup, kalo ini udah 3 bulan, bakal repurchase nih, hehehe ^_^

  4. Innisfree jg ngeluarin yang kayak gini harganya 11-12 sama ini. Itu brush nya keliatan soft banget!! Aku pake facial brush the body shop, cuma soft pas dipegang-pegang aja, gitu ke muka berasa kasar mirip pake scrub yang butirannya gede-gede. Mukanya berasa jauh lebih bersih dan berasa glowing gitu sih emang kalo pake brush dibanding pake facial pad. Tapi sepertinya aku bakal balik ke facial pad deh, ga ribet nungu keringnya juga :D

  5. It looks like it works really well! I'm a little surprised b/c the brush looks so friggin soft ^_^

  6. kenapa brush ini tempting sekaliiiii *nahan diri*

  7. Seperti Clarisonic versi Asia yah ^^