Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Suave Naturals Aloe and Waterlily Shampoo

Hello, lovelies~ Last week, I did a post here telling you what shampoos are in my shower. One of them is Suave Naturals in the scent Aloe and Waterlily. I bought at a supermarket near my house for around Rp 40,000, I think. I forgot the exact price of the shampoo, but it was around that price range. Let me tell you how it works on my hair.
Suave 4

Right off the bat, the shampoo is packaged in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip cap, which I love. It is quite big, so I have to transfer it into a small bottle if I want to travel with it. It has a green color, probably to match the aloe theme. I’d prefer not to have colorants and fragrance in my shampoo, but I rarely found one like that.
Suave 1
It has sodium laureth sulfate as the surfactant, which can be drying to people with dry and damaged hair, so I don’t recommend it for that type of scalp/hair. It is free from any type of silicone there is, so I assume it will work well for my hair. I can never understand the need to give color to shampoos. It doesn’t do anything aside from looking pretty, I guess. Why not omit the colorants so that people who are sensitive towards colorant can use the shampoo? It’s not like it’s gonna color correct my hair into shiny locks, lol.
Suave 2
The scent of this shampoo is a soft floral scent with a little hint of freshness at the end. I’m neutral to the scent, but it would be better if there were no fragrance, for me personally. It is really easy to lather and make bubbles with this shampoo.
I didn’t have any bad reactions such as acne or itchiness with this shampoo after using it for two weeks, give or take. With this shampoo, I can get away with washing my hair every other day because the oil control is quite impressive. On my second day (48 hours after washing my hair), I usually dust a small amount of baby powder to keep it through the day until I wash it at night.
Suave 3
Overall, I like that this shampoo is silicone free, controls my excess oil on my scalp and easily obtainable for me. I do prefer to have no fragrance at all, to reduce the chances of sensitivity towards the product. I don’t recommend this shampoo for people with dry and damaged hair because it can be drying with the sodium laureth sulfate ingredient. It is, however, recommended for those with an oily scalp and have trouble with controlling the excess oil on your scalp.


  1. Interesting. Never thought of trying this brand until few minutes ago. Thanks for reviewing :D

    I happened to find that Guardian sells Palmer's shampoo variant that has no SLS and no paraben in case you have interest to try another clarifying shampoo brand ;)

    1. Thanks for visiting~

      Sadly, I am looking for a silicone-free shampoo as my hair tends to be really flat if I use a silicone-based shampoo. >.< Still, I'll check out the shampoo if I have time, thanks for the suggestion! ^_^