Sunday, June 30, 2013

My June Favorites

Hello, lovelies~ June is nearly over and we’ve already half way through the year. Wow! Anyway, as usual, here are my beauty favorites from the lovely month of June.

Skincare Favorites
Secret Key First Treatment Essence
I have bought two sample sizes of this simple yet effective product, you can check my full review here. In short, I love the lightweight feel on my face and how it manages to brighten my skin each day. This is now my moisturizer, even though it is an essence, but hey, if this is moisturizing enough for my face, why apply another layer of cream/lotion? ^_^

Tosowoong Clean Pore Brush
Another great product from Korea that kinda works like a Clarisonic, but manually. I have already reviewed this product in depth, you can click over here for more details. Tosowoong also has a similar device like the Clarisonic, which I am now eyeing to get.

Talika Lipocils
I accidentally shaved my eyebrows a couple of months ago, so I used this product, hoping it will help grow back my eyebrows. It did! My eyebrows grew back in a month to its original state, yeay! I also feel that it makes it slightly thicker than usual.

June 1

Makeup Favorites
Make Over Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Liquid Foundation
A new love for a great affordable foundation. It’s a local brand too! Check out my full review here for more information on the foundation.

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush
This has been my go to brush for applying foundation. It makes foundation application a lot easier, faster and more even finish without streaks. Plus, the bristles are soft! ^_^

Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake
This is an old product, but I always go back to this TWC for speedy makeup application. I’ve been attending classes this month and doing makeup in the morning is faster with this TWC. I’ve included this in my March favorites, I know, but it works great for me~ You can see a more detailed review here.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick
Whenever I’m feeling lazy to apply foundation, this is the product I go back to. It’s in a stick form, so applying it is really easy because all I do is draw lines on my face and blend it out with my fingers. It gives a matte finish on my face and not too heavy for daily use. For a more in-depth review, you can check it out here.

Face Atelier Facade in Livid
I don’t normally go for blushes, but I have been loving this product all throughout June. It’s easy to blend and has a powdery finish.  I’ve already reviewed this product here, so feel free to check out the in-depth review.

June 2

Body Care Favorites
Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa Cocoa Body Scrub
I have already reviewed the product here, so you can always click here to read more about it. The scrubs are fine and not abrasive to my skin. Plus, I smell like chocolate afterwards! ^_^

Summer Naturale Goat Milk Body Shampoo
This is my go-to liquid soap now since it is sooooo cheap! It’s only Rp 50,000 (USD 5.00) for 2000 ml or 2 liters, can’t go wrong with that. They have other variants and right now I just bought the Pomelo scent because this one ran out.

Pucelle Summer Himawari Body Spray
I got this because I wanted a cheap body spray at the time and it turned out to have a refreshing scent for the day time.

Marks and Spencer Isis Body Spray
I think I featured this body spray in one of my previous favorites, but I can’t remember which. I love the floral scent that finishes off with a fresh note. Mr. G likes this a lot when I use this.

June 3

I know that some of the items are a repeat of last month or even 2 months before that. That is because I haven’t really tried newer things that deserves to be included in my favorites post, so hope it’s understandable. Have a great Monday and until then, I’ll see you later~


  1. secret key fullsizeee,ak juga suka dan akhirnya memutuskan beli fullsizenya padahal punya 4botol miniatureny XD

    1. Nat, aku juga masih ada 1 yang miniature cuman krn kmrn lagi sale Rp 100,000 sebotol di gmarket, langsung beli ga pake mikir lagi, hahaha.. ^_^

    2. hahahaha ! iya samaaa,sampe gk mikir tabungan masih sisa berapa .. ak beli pas harganya 99ribu malah,takut gk promo lg XDD
      eh tapi skarang masih diskon sih..