Friday, June 7, 2013

Meet Spencer the Spoon

Hello, lovelies~ You may wonder what the title means, but I’ll get to that in a second. First, I want to tell you about a blog that I have been recently reading a lot on which is The Triple Helixian. The owner of the blog is John and he shares quite a bit of information about skin care (mostly) and sun protection. His blog is addicting and I can’t stop reading his posts. It’s just a breath of fresh air to read his blogs because he reads the ingredients in the product and discuss about the reactions.

Moving on to the title of this blog post, I have a new best friend called Spencer. He is my 1/4 teaspoon, don’t know why I call him Spencer, hahaha.. Don’t mind the 1/4 cup, it’s just that Spencer is attached to a measuring cup.
Sunscreen 1

Anyway, I read John’s article on Futurederm a few weeks ago (which you can check out here) on how much sunscreen should put on our face. I was surprised to know that I only used about 3/4 of the recommended amount! So, I bought 1/4 teaspoon for Mr. G and I to measure our daily sunscreen amount.
Sunscreen 5

If you want to optimum protection from the sun, the picture below shows how much you will need to slab onto your face. At first it doesn't seem that much on the teaspoon, but I was wrong. It was a lot once I got it out to the back of my hand. Almost couldn't believe that I was applying only a half of what I’m supposed to. 
Sunscreen 2

For the next few weeks, I am going to try and implement this method of applying sunscreen and let you know whether or not it breaks me out, hahaha. Hopefully not, though.
Sunscreen 3

What do you think of this method, lovelies? Will you be willing to try it out? Let me know in the comments below about your thoughts. If you like to check out John’s post about more sunscreen, click here~ Until then, I’ll see you later~
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  1. Pernah baca sih ketentuan-ketentuan pake sunscreen termasuk jumlahnya, tapi takutnya boros jadi ga ngikutin :( terlalu banyak dan harus diulang tiap 2 jam o.O
    Dalam sebulan bisa abis berapa liter sunscreen? :D

    Eh, your BF using sunscreen too?

    1. Iya emang banyak perhitungannya. Aplikasi sekali sehari ga cukup kalo utk orang yg aktivitasnya di luar ruangan terus menerus. :)

      Yup, dia juga pake sunscreen. :)

    2. Iya iya :O
      Pernah baca juga kalo pemakaian seluruh badan kira2 sebesar bola golf cmiiw o_O

      Yah beberapa cowo masih menganggap itu rutinitas cewe...
      Tapi kebanyakan males pake termasuk saya xD
      Yah jaman memang berkembang :)

  2. wah segitu banyaknya?
    Aww.... *take a deep breath
    selama ini aq kalau pakai cuman sebiji kacang aja buat seluruh muka
    habisya rata2 tu sunblock kan greasy, ce, kalau dipakai banyak2
    ga bisa bayangin kalau mesti pakai sesendok itu >.<
    tapi aturannya memang gitu ya... haduh... *galau detected

    1. Iya, aku juga baru tau pakenya segitu.. I would be lying if I told it was an easy task getting up everyday to apply such amount of sunscreen on my face, hahaha ^_^

  3. :O i was shock, segitu banyaknya yee? emm boleh minta saran ga dear stephanie? ak sekarang pake skin aqua spf 50, takaran apply-nya dimuka tetep segitu ya? skin aqua bagus ga sih?
    oiya bikin posting versi translate indonesia dari link blog the triple helixian itu doongs :p *ga bisa inggris detected

    1. Mo pake yang berapa pun juga sih takarannya kira2 segitu yang memberikan perlindungan optimal dari matahari, apalagi kita di tropis. Wew, kalo bikin translate-annya lagi mesti izin juga ma doi, panjang pula, ga bisa di google translate aja, bok? XD *keder juga translate*