Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make Over Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation Review

Disclosure: This product is bought with my own money. I am not being paid to write this post. Complete disclosure
Hello, lovelies~ How are you today? I hope everyone is having a great day so far. Today, I wanted to share my experience in using a new foundation from MakeOver called Ultra Cover Liquid Matt Foundation. I’ve been using this for two weeks and let me tell you how I feel about it, being a foundation junkie.

The foundation comes in a sleek black box that has all of the information and ingredients list on it. The box also has the brand imprinted on it with white ink. Nothing too special about the box, but what else could it offer? Hahaha..
As for the foundation, it is packaged in a glass bottle that has a pump at the end to dispense the product. I’ve always appreciated makeup companies that sells their foundation in pump bottles. Unlike Revlon’s colorstay that is pump-less and makes a mess everywhere, this is practical because the pump can be locked as well.
This foundation contains silicones in it, so those who are sensitive towards it may want to be on the look out.
Right out of the pump, the foundation has a lotion-like consistency. I didn’t notice any smell that offends my olfactory senses, which is  a good thing. I hate it when face products have a very strong scent that gives me headache just by sniffing it.

The shade I have is the lightest one called Ochre (01). This series of foundation has 7 shades to choose from, which is quite a lot for a local brand. Even though it doesn’t have a huge selection of colors, I think it can be mixed to get the perfect shade.
Thanks to the lotion-like consistency, the foundation is easy to blend on my face. It doesn’t set or dry immediately, so I don’t need to blend it in a hurry. I usually use a pea-sized amount for my whole face. I dot it evenly all over and blend it with my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush. I find that this brush gives an even finish without any streaks on my face.

After blending every bit of the foundation evenly on my face, it’s time to see the coverage. My skin is behaving nicely at the moment, so there aren’t any major acne on my face. However, you can still see some skin discoloration and redness on my cheeks and on my left eyebrow. With a layer of this foundation, the redness on my face is slightly concealed and my skin tone looks more even.
The foundation feels lightweight on my face, which is almost like second skin to me. I didn’t feel any stickiness or greasiness after using this foundation. It has a matte finish just like it claimed it would be. With a pea sized amount, it can sure cover my whole face and makes it look fresh in the morning. It looks flawless and not cakey, I love it!

An extra tip when you’re applying foundation. Moderation is the key, people. Don’t pile on tons of foundation in the beginning. Start with a small amount, then add more if you need it too. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking cakey no matter what.

The longest I worn this foundation is 5 hours in an air conditioned environment. Maybe just a little while to walk to the car park, but other than that it’s all air-con. I started to notice my forehead getting shiny after 3 hours of use, which is normal on my very oily skin. I don’t really mind that because I can blot away the excess oil. However, for the sake of the review, I didn’t blot it until I got home and here is how it looks like.
Quite shiny on the forehead and cheeks, but that is to be expected since I do have very oily skin, as I’ve mentioned over a thousand times on this blog, hahaha.. Some of my foundation has already disappeared on the areas where I get oily.

Despite the average oil control, I like this foundation because of its lightweight property. I feel that using it for everyday won’t be a problem as long as I double cleanse at night. It blends effortlessly onto my skin and makes it flawless in a jiffy. Priced at Rp 119,000, this is a great foundation for me since it also came in a glass bottle with pump. Now, why can’t you add a pump to the Colorstay foundation, Revlon? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

What do you think of this foundation? Is it a hit or a miss (if you have tried it)? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I’ll see you later~


  1. Hallo, ce phanie^^
    aq juga pernah nyoba foundie ini, sebenernya suka sama teksturnya yg mudah dibaurkan dan ngga kerasa berat di muka, finishnya pun lumayan natural. Tapi aq ga bisa pakai tiap hari soalnya bakal muncul bruntusan. Aq cuma pakai kalau pas ada acara aja.

    1. Ooo, terlalu berat mungkin yah untuk sehari2, tipe kulitmu apa, Queen D? Biar bisa buat referensi, hehehe ^_^

  2. Wow glad u like it kak. Aku juga pernah pakai ini... dan aku jual haha -___- because it makes me break out. Selain itu aku kurang cocok warna ochre karena dia lebih ke pink undertone sedangkan aku neutral. Untungnya, aku dapet barang ini gratis dari menang kuis hihi :3 Review kakak 100% akurat loh berdasarkan pengalamanku. Good job!

    1. Wuih, untung ga break out parah ya! Paling sebel kalo nyoba2 trus break outnya semuka, grrr.. Thanks for visiting, Cintya~ ^_^

  3. nice review. Thanks ya! Jadi kepengen coba, kebetulan lagi cari foundie yang oke :D

  4. pernah coba primernya makeover ga? review doong :D pengen bgt coba tapi takut bikin jerawata, mukaku soalnya gampang bgt berjerawat gt. oya kalo blh rekomendasi dong makeup yg bisa ngilangin redness gr2 jerawat, thank u. nice rwview btw :D

    1. Hai, Dini. Primernya blm pernah coba karena kayanya kurang cocok buat kulit berminyak kaya aku, tapi mungkin in the future ya~

      Makeup yang ngilangin redness? Kalo ngilangin secara permanen sih blm ada yang bisa setauku (CMIIW), paling hanya mengurangi penampakan redness. Waktu diapus ya merah lagi :)

      Kalo skincare yang untuk ngurangin redness mungkin bisa. :)

    2. eh iya maksudku nutupin haha, kemaren nyoba base primer yg ijo nya malah jerawatan :/