Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kawaii Beauty Japan

Hello, lovelies~ Japan has been one of the many countries I hope to visit one day. I love their language, anime, manga, food, and many more. I could go on for hours naming the things I like from Japan. Not to mention, the technologies that are currently developing, even in the beauty industry. It makes me wanna visit Japan even more! ^_^
Japan cover
However, flights to Japan can be expensive, especially if you’re flying first class, lol. That’s not even including accommodation, money for food and tour, argh, all that to experience and understand more about Japan. So, I’ll let you in on a little secret to understand more about Japan culture without leaving your home. Heck, even without leaving your room!

Presenting, Kawaii Beauty Japan, a one-stop media for you who are in love with Japan, along with its beauty culture. On this facebook page, you can learn more about Japan and be amazed at their culture in the comfort of your own home.
KBJ Cover
What I like about Kawaii Beauty Japan is the fact that they don’t focus mainly on Japanese beauty, but also on Japanese culture as well. They developed three main concepts that defines Kawaii Beauty Japan, which are skin, heart and body.
Skin  The team at Kawaii Beauty Japan would like to introduce us to a variety of skincare tips as well as a few of the recommended beauty products from Japan.
KBJ Skin
Heart Over at Kawaii Beauty Japan, they believe that beauty is not just about looks and what’s on the outside, the inside (heart) matters as well. With this lovely concept, the Kawaii Beauty Japan team shares the beautiful cultures and breathtaking sights of Japan.
KBJ Heart
The last concept is all about healthy diet and eating patterns of the people in Japan. It is known that Japan has the healthiest eating patterns in the world, hence Kawaii Beauty Japan strive to share the secret to Japan’s healthy eating tips, so we can be healthier!
KBJ Body
What do you think of the page so far? That’s not all! They have frequent giveaways and currently they are looking for KBJ stars. Come join the contest and who knows you can be one of the ambassadors for Kawaii Beauty Japan (for those in Indonesia only). Click the link here for more information and here to enter the contest.KBJ Contest
So, what are you waiting for? Check out their page and join in their search for KBJ stars! You can go to their page for more information on the contest and many more. Until then, I’ll see you later~

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