Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Beauty Box Showdown

Hello, lovelies~ I’m sure you’re all familiar with the concept of beauty box subscription service by now. If you haven’t understood the concept or you’ve been living under a rock these past few months to not know these trends, allow me to explain it to you. Put your reading glasses on because this is gonna be a long explanation.

Beauty box subscription service has no official definition in the dictionary, therefore I will make one for you. It is a service, very much like a magazine subscription service, where you pay a certain amount of money each month in exchange with a mystery box that you will receive every month. Indonesians have a saying for this, if I’m not mistaken it is ‘beli kucing dalam karung’. Bener ga tuh?

This ‘mystery box’ will be filled with beauty products (duh, it is a beauty box, after all) that are mostly deluxe samples. The idea is to try the sample before buying the full size product. This has its own benefits because it won’t be a waste of money if the product turned out bad on your skin or your skin reacted badly to the product. So, I assumed that this would be the perfect service for those who likes to try out new things in the beauty world, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on the full size product to begin with.

The downside to this service to some of the people who likes definite things is the contents. The content of the box is not decided by the customers. In other words, the customers doesn’t have the ability to choose what will be inside their box. So, this will always have the element of surprise because the customers won’t know for certain what they’re getting in the box. For me, I like surprises and new things, so this isn’t a bad thing for me.

Another thing that people seem to misunderstand about the content is the size of the products. Beauty boxes started out as kinda like a sampling service, so having a full size product inside it is a plus. Maybe some companies don’t mind giving out full size products, but the original idea is to give deluxe samples for people to try out before going to buy a full size, if they want. However, the misconception I’ve seen so far is wanting a full size product every time in their beauty box. Well, you subscribed to the wrong service if you have that concept stuck in your head. Just saying.

With that very long explanation on what beauty box is, let’s just start comparing the two beauty boxes that I’m subscribed to. I am currently subscribed to Lola box and Beauty Treats for three months. I am someone who likes to try out new things, be it high end or drugstore. The photo below shows the comparison between the two boxes, which afterwards I will summarize.

As you can see Lola didn’t have any full size products, aside from the Bun Helper, for the month of June as opposed to Beauty Treats. However, I prefer Lola’s pick of the products because it has more makeup and skincare compared to Beauty Treats’ beauty tools (brush and sponge). Another point goes to Lola for being able to come up with a theme that really suits the products that came with it. It has travel size products that I will definitely be using for my upcoming trip. The luggage tag and check list is a nice touch and well thought items. Although it would be cooler if Lola included a makeup pouch for us to carry the whole thing, the Makeup Forever HD powder won my heart, being a base makeup addict.

As I’m writing this, I’m trying to find something good to talk about Beauty Treats’ June box, but I seem to have a hard time in doing so. The blush on from Wardah is probably the only thing I like in the box, but I smiled so widely when I saw the Lioele deodorant tissues. Not because I love the product, but because a friend of mine (@endi_feng) calls them ‘lap ketek’ on twitter, lol.

To sum up, I am very pleased with this month’s Lola box because of the consistent item quality and quantity compared to last month, which was also 9 products. They came up with a nice theme for their box and managed to get the appropriate item for that. As for Beauty Treats, I hope they can come up with something more exciting next month. I certainly hope that there won’t be any more sponges and powder puffs in the next Beauty Treats box. So, who won this battle? For me, the winner is Lola.

Until then, I’ll see you later~


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