Thursday, June 13, 2013

It’s Skin Mini Bebe Hand Cream Cherry Blossom

Hello, lovelies~ Show of hands, who here likes their hands to feel soft? I assume everyone wants to, hehe. One of the earliest sign of aging (or someone aging) is by seeing their hands. Most of the telltale signs of aging hands would be wrinkles or fine lines and dry. So, I tried my best to moisturize those babies every chance I get and apply sunscreen to them in the day time. I have been using a new hand cream from It’s Skin called Mini Bebe.

The packaging is almost always similar with otherhands creams for I don’t know what reasons. They seem to be packaged in a squeeze tube, which I don’t mind and at the end has a twist off cap, which I highly mind. This is not practical for me as the cap tend to fall off every time I tried to screw it back on.


The label design is cute with a pink and white color theme that has the white mascot on the tube. I think it is supposed to be a cream with a face that makes it even cuter.


The product’s information is written in Korean language, so I’m not sure what the ingredients are in this hand cream. So, I’ll just skip discussing about it.

Moving on to the product, it is a white cream that has a floral scent that is soft and subtle. It got absorbed into my skin quite fast. It doesn’t even take a minute for it to sink in. My hands are all smooth and soft in an instant.
Overall, I like the instant smoothness that this hand cream is able to give my hands. It also leaves my hands smelling like flowers. The only downside to this product I find is the annoying twist off cap. It’s like some kind of conspiracies of hand creams against me so that I’ll drop the cap and never find them again, hahaha.

What’s your favorite hand cream so far? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I’ll see you later~


  1. Can't agree more. My loccitane, etude all with that kind of cap. I have one from Mamonde with flip cap, but it's bigger than the others.

    1. So, I'm not the only one hating the cap, then? Yeaah~ ^_^

  2. can't resist the tube, pink and cute image ^^
    Lately I've been craving for hand cream, ce, coz my hand started to show the sign of aging (dryness, roughness, and visible lines) >.<
    nice review