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bliv by Cellnique Bright is Right Pearl Brightening Mask Review

"Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion after trying it out. " Complete disclosure here

Hello, lovelies~ As someone with oily skin, the excess oil that sits on top of my face can sometimes cause me to look dull. Not only that, I also have a couple of acne scars on my face that makes it look like I have spots on my face. Therefore, I am always in favor for whitening and/or lightening products because it will help reduce the dark spots that is caused by post-acne marks and my excess oil. I was sent this sheet face mask from b.liv by Cellnique to try and here is what I think of it. 

The sheet masks is packaged in the sachets like most sheet masks do. On the front of the sachet, the name "Dullness Cessation" is printed in bold letters, making it really quirky when I first saw it.

On the back is the ingredient list along with a few descriptions of how the mask work and its active ingredients inside it. It does contain isopropyl alcohol which kinda makes me nervous and hopefully I won't encounter a reaction towards it, e.g., acne and/or redness. However, I am glad that it has Niacinamide because it is one of the cell communicating ingredient and helps reconstruct my skin! ^_^

Using the sheet mask is really simple because it's just like using any other sheet masks. All I did was tore off the sachet, place it on my face, slide off the plastic seal in between them, fold it neatly and relax for 20 minutes.

As I was relaxing, I can feel the cool sensation from the mask because I placed in the refrigerator before hand. There was a little bit of tingling sensation on my face, but not too much that it bothers me.

The sheet mask itself felt soft and easy to manipulate, even though it is slightly to big for my face (that's a first!).  It is so soft that I have to be extra careful when putting it on my face because I am afraid that it will tear. Oh, and there is quite a bit of essence left inside the sachet.

After 20 minutes, I took the mask off and continued to rinse my face since I do have oily skin and the essence would be too moisturizing for my skin. My face feels refreshed and brighter without any more redness on my cheeks. You can see my before and after pictures.

Overall, this would be a good weekly treatment for those who have dull and lifeless skin. The niacinamide content is a good cell communicating ingredient that also helps to brighten the skin. For those who are concerned about uneven skintone, this can probably help even it out better. However, if you have a sensitivity towards alcohol, please do a patch test before using this.

I've only used this twice in two weeks and I feel that this is an ok mask for me, it's not something that changed my life or skincare routine. I am quite wary of the isopropyl alcohol content since I am one of those people with sensitivity towards it, but if you're not, then go ahead and try it out. Thankfully, this mask has not caused my skin to break out. *phew*

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bliv by Cellnique Bright is Right Dullness Cessation Sheet Mask 

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  1. mask nya oke phanie :D
    oh ya, biasa essence yg sisa itu kamu apain ?
    sayang dibuang biasa aku lulurin ke tangan

  2. Wow, the result is clearly visible on u, so nice
    guess someday I have to try it too.
    And it has remaining essence^^ can be used for massaging neck he he