Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beauty Treats Indonesia June Box

Hello, lovelies~ It’s almost the end of the month and my beauty box from Beauty Treats Indonesia has just arrived. I don’t know why the courier is so late this month, but at least I received the box yesterday. I was relieved to see that brown box outside my room waiting to be opened.

It didn’t have a theme this month, which is a bit odd, because most beauty boxes circulate their items around a specific theme. Oh well, I can’t be bothered to find out why. Anyway, this month’s vouchers is organized in a booklet, so we’ll have to cut out the vouchers before using them. That’s good for me because I tend to lose the vouchers if they’re scattered everywhere.
Inside the pink box with the gold bow are five items that ranges from beauty tools, makeup, skincare and body care products. I have listed the items along with their prices on the photo below.

To sum up, there are four full size products and one sample sachet inside the box this month. Personally, I would like to see lesser beauty tools, especially makeup sponges and powder puffs. I know they’re full size, but I rarely use them to begin with. I would like to see more makeup products since that is what I filled out in my beauty profile.

Just because there are four full size products, it doesn’t automatically mean that I love the box, okay? I do understand that this has the element of surprise, so I’m not complaining about how it doesn’t have more stuff or how it caters to a low end brand. Sure, I appreciate them giving full size products, but if it’s going to be beauty tools over and over again, I’m bored.

So, the question of the day is will I still be subscribing to BTI? Well, I have my sub service until the July box, so let’s see about the July box. If next month’s box has even more sponges, powder puffs and lip/eye brushes, I think Imma call it quits on you, BTI.


P.S: BTI, I don’t understand your statement about not comparing this month’s box with last month’s box. Your reason being is that they have different themes? I can’t even seem to find the theme for this month’s box on the catalog, so I’m free to compare then? Even if there is a theme, how is it that we can’t compare the boxes? Can I compare your box with other beauty box subscription services or is that not allowed as well?

P.P.S: Wouldn’t it be constructive criticism if the boxes were compared by the customers and giving you feedback, so you’ll know what to improve and which boxes are more popular with customers? Wouldn’t this allow you to find things similar to the boxes that the customers prefer, e.g. if customers prefer the May box because of the eyelashes, maybe you can include more eyelashes in the upcoming boxes, etc. 
Enlighten me.
*just my two cents*


  1. omg ce super agree with you!!!

  2. Halo Phanie,
    Penasaran dengan Lioele Fresh Deodorant Tissue, itu IDR55,000 isinya berapa lembar? Kalau hanya 1 lembar...rrrrr, mahal sekali. Ditambah misuh-misuhnya koh Endi di twitter, lap ketek...OMG...*nyengir*
    Semoga bulan depan lebih baik, meskipun saya tidak langganan beauty box :)


    1. Hai Dina, Lioelenya isinya 25 lembar, lumayan bagus menurutku kmrn pake, jadi seger. ^_^ Cuman kyny lebih murah pake baby wipes juga sih kalo dipikir2. ^_^

  3. Iya nih... BTI service nya juga kayaknya kurang ramah dlam ngasih respon ke customer... Kualitas produk2nya kyaknya mulai mnurun... Untung cm subscribe sebulan... Btw, nice review ce n salam knal ya... :)

    1. Hi, salam kenal juga~ Notice juga ya, twitternya agak kurang professional dalam masalah ngejawab pertanyaan customer. ^_^

  4. Untung cuma subscribe bulan pertama aja. Aga kuciwa krn yg didapet ga sesuai yg dipengenin, lebih kepengen yg punya orang. wkwk.. >_< menurutmu yg paling oke yg mana dr antara box2 lainnya

    1. Typical "the grass is always greener on the other side" ya.. Aku ga masalah kalo emang isinya itu ga seputaran brush, makeup sponge dan powder puff krn kalo diulang itu2 aja, lama2 bosen. It's all about finding new things to try out kalo beauty box, jadi memang ga cocok buat orang yang ga suka nyoba2 dan lebih pengen sesuatu yang pasti.

      Sejauh ini sih kayanya lebih worth itu Lola, kalo Vanity Trove ga sub sih, jadi ga bisa ngmng banyak juga soal itu ^_^

  5. setuju banget, :( kecewa untuk yang bulan ini
    , anyway hi i am new follower ^^ salam kenal

    1. Semoga bulan depan bisa lebih baik si BTI >.<
      Salam kenal juga ^_^