Monday, May 6, 2013

Viva Special Day Cream Review

Hello, lovelies~ Today, I wanted to review a local brand from Indonesia called Viva. I'm pretty sure my Indonesian readers are already familiar with this brand because it is easily available in most drugstores, supermarket and even mini markets. Also, it's really affordable for everyone! So, let's just start the review, shall we?

I bought the Viva Special Day Cream a little over two months ago when I was at Hypermart. It was just sitting on the shelf by itself, all alone without a friend, so I bought it. Hahahaha.. I.. don't even know why I feel that way.

The cream is packaged in plastic jar that is white on the bottom and light green on top. Like most jars, it has a twist off cap that is just fragile. I'll have to be extra careful not to drop this. On top of the cap is the brand's logo and on the bottom is the products description along with the ingredients list.

It contains mineral oil as the third ingredient on the list. It isn't a problem if you don't have a sensitivity towards it, but if you do, then I suggest using this cream a little less.It uses parabens and BHT as preservatives. Perfume is present, so those with sensitive skin may want to be careful.

If you've read my blogs, you'll know that I have an oily skin type that is sensitive and acne prone. I also happen to have a sensitivity towards mineral oil. So, why did you buy the cream, Phanie? Didn't you read the list? Huh? HUH?!

Calm your horses. I bought this cream for another purpose. Since I read that it has mineral oil, octyl methoxycinnamate, and dimethicone in the ingredient, I thought it would be great for a hand cream for the day time. Our hands show up the signs of aging, too! It's important to protect it from the sun.

The consistency of the white-colored cream is like a slightly thicker lotion. Not exactly my definition of a thick, hard to blend cream. This blends easily on my skin and gives a smooth finish. I can imagine this being a great base makeup for those with dry, not sensitive skin. 

How does it fare up as a hand cream, you ask? I like it. It sinks in right away into my hands and leaves a silky smooth finish, thanks to the dimethicone. The cream feels neither greasy nor sticky after I massaged it into my hands.

Another use I like from this cream is applying it on my cuticles. Everyday I would apply it on that area and massage it to ensure that it gets absorbed. I noticed that my cuticles are looking really moisturized lately that I rarely experienced hang nails.

Priced at Rp 5,200 (around USD $0.60) for 22 grams, this is a good buy for me and my cuticles. If they can speak, they would definitely yell, “Thank you, Viva Special Day Cream!! We rarely have hang nails now!!”. I love the non-greasy and non-sticky aspect of the cream. Also, the sunscreen ingredient protects my hands from aging, that's another plus! Aside from the perfume and fragile jar, I think it's alright.

Have you tried this cream before? What do you use it for and what do you think of it? Let me know in the comment section below and until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. Wow. Thanks reviewnya. Jadi pengen coba ^_^

  2. aku juga suka pake ini.. ^^
    murah banget dan malah cocok sama kulitku..
    nice review :)

    1. Asiknya cocok di kamu, huhu, kulit mukaku sensi, makanya rada jadi 'milih' skincare. ^_^

  3. Aku punya yg skinfood cie, bedanya apa ya? Kl skinfood itu dipake buat tubuh bagian mana? Hehe xD thanks for the review

    1. Aku ga ada yang Skin Food, jadi ga bisa jawab juga bedanya apa. Emang di jar Skin Foodnya ga ada tulisan dipakai utk bagian tubuh mana? o_O"