Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Liquid Foundation

Hello, lovelies~ I wanted to share a review on my favorite high end foundation that I bought last July 2012. I know, I know, that was like a very long time ago to only have a review up just now in the new year. Also, I have been debating whether or not to post this because I heard rumors that they discontinued this product. I wouldn't want to post a review on something that is inaccessible to you, lovely people~

Well, my excuse would be that I lost the outer box when I reached Jakarta, so I have been delaying it ever since. Yes, I am that clumsy, losing things and whatnot. Anyhoo, let's just start the long awaited review!

Plastic: Love or Hate?

Like I've mentioned in the paragraph above, the box is lost in the midst of the mess that is my brother's apartment. I'll just describe the foundation bottle. The bottle is made of plastic with a beige color body and a black twist off cap attached above it. On top of the black cap, a Chanel logo is embossed beautifully.

I personally think that the packaging is kinda like a love and hate relationship. I'm disappointed that a high end brand like Chanel have a cheap, plastic bottle. Oddly enough, I like the plastic packaging as it reduced the chance of breaking when I clumsily dropped it. 

Esthetically, it's not that pleasing to the eye, but effective for clumsy people like me. ^_^

Worrisome Ingredients?

Since I don't have the box, I found the ingredients list off Alcohol is present which make me worry since my skin is often picky and hates alcohol. Luckily, I haven't had any problems with it so far when I use this foundation. Probably because I don't use this every day, just once or twice a week. 

To achieve a smooth finish, the foundation contains dimethicone and silica. For people with sensitive skin may want to be careful since it has Parfum (fragrance) in it. 

Shake it, baby!

After I unscrew the cap, I made the fatal mistake of not shaking the foundation first hand. This results in a separation of two liquids, which is possibly the base and the pigment. Probably. 

After shaking it, the foundation came out right like the way I swatched it in the store. The shade I bought is B10 since it has a slightly yellow undertone, which is not too overpowering. It has a slight watery consistency when I squeezed it out of the tube. 

Oh, there's a scent to this foundation that I somehow find to my liking. It smells kinda like a combination between alcohol and a hint of floral notes, if you trust a person with an allergic rhinitis, LOL.

Dot as always!

I use about a pea sized amount for my whole face, continuing by placing 5 main dots on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Afterwards, depending on my mood, I'll either use my fingers or flat top brush to blend the foundation away. Most of the times, I use my flat top brush from Sigma because it is easier and doesn't stain my fingers.

The Cover Up

The foundation is buildable to a medium overage without looking too cakey. If you have deep lines and wrinkles, I'd suggest using a primer beforehand always. This will help prevent any of your foundation sinking into your lines and exaggerating that line, rather than covering it up. It can't cover my sun spot, but that is a concealer's job, clearly.

A 'just right' finish on my face

I like the lightweight feeling of this foundation, leaving my face with a satin finish. To those new to makeup, satin finish is a finish in between a dewy/glowy and matte finish. It just has a slight sheen to the face, not super glowy and not super matte.

Impressive staying p-p-power!

I used this for my brother's graduation and it lasted the entire afternoon. I think it was around 5 hours, give or take. After around 3-4 hours, the redness on my cheeks start to appear, but not so much noticeable. I don't need my foundation to stay all day, so around 6 hours is usually enough. Oil control is not that great with this foundation, but I usually set my makeup with setting sprays, so I don't expect great oil control on my so oily skin.


At a price of around Rp 467,000 something, this is definitely on top of my repurchase list. However, I heard rumors that they have already discontinued this product and replaced it with a cream foundation of the same name. The lightweight feeling of the foundation plus the coverage that it gives is enough to make me love it so, so much.

P.S: Excuse my bumps under my eyes. I've been having allergies lately, my room has yet to be vacuumed, hence the dust flying everywhere~! >___<"

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  1. They took this foundation out of the permanent sortiment here in Germany few months ago. and yes you're right, they changed it with the compact version which is more expensive T.T
    I have tried this foundation but it didn't really work for my skin.. :/ glad it works for you though ^^

    Love your blog! <3

    1. Urgh, so the rumours ARE true, noooo~ It's too bad that it didn't really work on your skin, but I bet there are other foundation that works on you :)

      Thanks for dropping by! :)