Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lola Box May 2013

Hello, lovelies~ Remember Lola? The beauty box subscription where the subbies pay Rp 145,000 a month to get a box of deluxe samples (and sometimes a full size product or two!) to try out before buying the full size. I got the April Lolabox which I have already blogged about in this post. Just click on here to see the first Lolabox post. Now, let's take a look at May's Lolabox, shall we?

For those who are new to beauty boxes, you can check out the complete detail at their website Basically, it is like a magazine subscription, but instead of a magazine, you get a box filled with beauty deluxe samples.

Unlike the previous month, this time it has a different color theme which really brings out the vibrant colors of summer. This month's Lolabox has a white and orange striped color themed box, which brings a smile and energy to my face when I saw it. 

There is a greeting card from Lola and this month's theme is 'hello, sunshine', since it is getting into the summer, leaving the rainy season.

Keeping with the summer theme, the color of the tissue paper is a bright yellow tied with an orange bow on the right side. I've always loved the Lola stickers!

Inside are the goodies, which I'll share with you one by one, so it will be clearer. My beauty profile is leaning more towards makeup since I already have my own skincare routine and products. However, there are still skincare products, which is cool for them to give me anyway. 

So, that is all of the products in this month's Lolabox Hello Sunshine edition. I am looking forward to trying out the foundation from Make Over. 

Here is the statement from Make Over Indonesia regarding the expired cosmetics. 

Oh, the foundation is expired, but the representatives from Lola emailed me about this mishap and a new foundation is en route to my house.

Thank you for being such professionals and giving your customers the best service.

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  1. Wahhh isinya kebanyakan make up, ngilerrrr euyy..
    Btw, knp foundation uda expired tp dikirim ya :o hmmm
    Tp syukur deh klu uda mau dikirim lg ::3

  2. dapet baru, dapet tambahan juga.. senangnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... aaaaaaaaaaaa ><

  3. ehh, ada yg expired hmmm
    tapi yg penting penjualnya sadar dan mau ganti baru sih hehe

    1. Itu ternyata bukan udah expired, Ren. Kayanya itu tanggal 20 Oktober 2013, soalnya si Yuri expiry datenya 061213, which is 6 Dec 2013. KAYANYA yaaaa, hahaha ^_^