Sunday, May 12, 2013

Japanese Snacks

Hello, lovelies~ Have you had any snack today? Well, if you haven't, I hope this post will satisfy your mind because you can't reach into the screen to take the snacks, right? Hahaha, anyway, a few days ago, I went #instashopping for yummy nummy snacks. A lot of online shops can be found on instagram nowadays and @japanesesnackindo is one of them.

I found it by searching #kitkat on instagram and found her shop amongst the lot out there. I looked (gawked) at the photos in her instagram albums and ordered. The shop owner is replied to my line messages quite fast and in a friendly manner. She answered all of the questions regarding the price of each snack patiently.

So, I placed my order, transfered the money to her account, and waited for my package to arrive. It arrived the very next day via JNE ( an Indonesian postal service). The snacks were packed in a cardboard box and when I got them out, they weren't all melted into oblivion. Yeah! 

Before I continue this post, I have a warning for you chocolate lovers out there, especially Kitkat lovers. This post contains a lot of chocolate that may increase your cravings. ^_^

I will make a separate post for each of the snacks later in the future to make it more specific and detailed. Plus, I get to shoot more food porn, love! Anyways, I hope that gives you an idea where to shop for Japanese snacks like the very hyped Green Tea Kit Kat. You can always check out the shop over at instagram at

What is your favorite snack of all time? Let me know in the comments below, so I can taste them as well. Until then, I'll see you later~

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  1. Wah aku baca ini langsung add instagramnya.. dan sukses bikin tambah ngiler >.<

    steph udah pernah coba tokyo banana?

    1. Blm nyobain, tapi uda beli sih yg TB Gaufrette. Yang iri blm nyobain, aku kurang suka banana juga, hahaha..

  2. Waaahh...thanks for inpo nya ce! *rencana diet gagal sudah :D*

  3. ampun dahhh bikin pengeenn *ngences*
    itu puku puku taiyaki kyknya enak

  4. Right after I read this post yesterday, and started to feel hungry, a friend gave me that green tea Kit Kat! LOL. :))