Thursday, May 9, 2013

Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer Review

Hello, lovelies~ Concealer is one of the few makeup items that I always have in my makeup bag. I know I rarely touch up when I'm at the mall, but I feel that it's handy to have one, just in case. Lately, I've been using the concealer from Etude House a lot more than my other concealers. I wanted to share my experience with you. Let's start the review!

The concealer comes in a dark brown tube with the name of the product inscribed on the sides. It is quite thin in size, almost similar to a pen in width. 

The cap comes off when it is pulled and the concealer twists up to reveal more of it. Mine is the old packaging, but I've already bought the new one, just in case it got discontinued.

Etude House's Surprise Essence line has two shades for the stick concealer; light beige and natural beige. My shade is the second one, which is Natural Beige. The shade is close enough to my skin tone, so I can use it alone without having to mix it with my corresponding foundation/BB cream that day.

As the name suggests, the concealer has a creamy consistency and is packaged in a stick form that can be twisted from the packaging. Just for reference, my skin type is very oily and acne prone. I have used this back when I'm on retinoic acid (dry, flaky skin) and I didn't love it as much as I do on my oily skin.

It blends effortlessly onto my skin and conceals my imperfections easily. However, I think it would be hard to blend if you have dry, flaky skin since it has a matte finish afterwards. I like the pigmentation of this concealer because it is able to conceal most of my blemishes within 1-2 layers. Usually with liquid concealer, it takes more than 2 layers to really cover up my blemishes.

Please excuse the after picture in the middle because I didn't blend it right. >.<
This is what happens when you don't use your glasses while blending. Phanie

*stares into your soul*
Bwahahahaha.. Nope.

I usually set it with a loose powder if I were to go out for around 2 hours-ish and for more than that, I add a setting spray on top. It lasted for a good 3 to 4 hours on my very oily skin, despite the setting method I used. I didn't mind, though because more than 4 hours and acne would've appeared on my skin.

Overall, I am really in love with this concealer. On my lazy days, I only use this with loose powder and my skin already looks good. It feels lightweight and dries to a matte finish, which I adore. This may be one of my HG concealers of all time, placed side by side with my NYX photogenic concealer.

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  1. waw before afternya lumayan banget ya hasilnya Phanie :D

  2. ahhh this post is nice..will try this one soon ;)

  3. Waaaa coba aaah....slama ini setia sama Nyx...

    1. NYX juga oke tuh yang HD wand ato apa gitu namanya, lupa.. ^_^

  4. wao! thanks for this cool review! learned a ton. will follow.