Friday, May 3, 2013

DOAPJ DIY: Turn DOVE Bar Soap To Liquid Hand Soap

Hello, lovelies~ A couple of weeks ago, I went to Lotte Kelapa Gading to do my weekly grocery shopping. As I pass by the soap and shampoo aisle, I saw a sale on the Dove bar soaps and grabbed it because I like the soothing milk scent. 

The thing about bar soaps that I despise is the impractical storage as I have to place it on a soap holder and watch it disfigure itself as it 'wears' away day by day. Not to mention the aspect that in the hands of a clumsy person (points to self), bar soaps have a higher tendency to drop to the floor and leave a slippery film. So, I searched online for a way to turn bar soaps into liquid soap and found it. 

Let's start with the ingredients and materials first. I didn't include it in this picture, but you will need a stove top, a saucepan and a spoon to stir the ingredients.
L-R: Empty container, Grater, Bar soap, Measuring cup (or use a glass) ^_^
Here are the steps to turn a bar soap into liquid soap, in photos. Please be careful in the kitchen while using the stove top, especially if you're not familiar with one. Get someone else to help you if this is too difficult or if you're too afraid to use the stove, okay? ^_^
This is the big DOVE bar soap. I think it was 90 g?

Add the soap shavings along with two cups of water into the saucepan

It should resemble hot milk

It's ready to use!
That is all there is to it. Now, let's try to wash Mr. G's hands with this since I'm too tired to get the tripod out. So, I asked him for assistance. 

I hope this post is helpful to some of you who are slightly irritated by bar soaps and would like to turn them into liquid soap. What is your favorite bar soap? Leave a comment down below and until then, I'll see you later~

P.S: I have only tried it with DOVE bar soap since this is one of my favorite soaps. I've read that you need something else to make liquid hand soap from other bar soaps. Will surely update you on that later if I try it. ^_^

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  1. Wuah nice tutorial, mau coba buat juga ah.Thanks Phanie^^

  2. Omg, so helpful! thanks, i think I'll do this since I ran out of handsoap LOL

  3. asik nih bisa di jadiin liquid, mo coba ahh.. thanks tips nya
    btw itu parutan sabunnya kyk keju parut, abis di didihkan sama air jadi kyk yogurt :3 *muka makanan*

  4. Lovely post!

    I'm sure I'd try this one <3

  5. o.O pengen nyoba..
    klo dipakai sebagai liquid body soap bisa ci?