Friday, May 10, 2013

DOAPJ DIY: Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair

Hello, lovelies~ I (may) have the oiliest scalp there is that I can't skip a day without them looking greasy. I've changed my shampoo to ones that are silicone-free, but my scalp still gets greasy easily. So, I accepted my fate that I do have an oily scalp. Wow, how many times have I typed greasy in this paragraph? Geez. Hahaha..

Anyway, I'm always looking for something that can make me wash my hair once every two days. You know, a product to keep my oily scalp controlled in-between my shampooing. There are dry shampoos, but if that runs out, I use baby powder to keep my scalp grease-free. However, I hate the white color on my black hair, making it look grey, hahaha.. So, I found a DIY to solve that white discoloration.

Introducing Cocoa Dry Shampoo targeted for those with dark hair! It's really easy to make with stuff you can find at home. Let's start by prepping our ingredients.

What I need

Corn starch (or you can use baby powder)
Cocoa Powder (make sure it is unsweetened. You wouldn't want sugar in your hair)
Cotton bud or spatula to stir
An empty container. Preferably, one with a small hole, so the powder won't spill.

How to make it

Take a teaspoon of both corn starch and cocoa powder. 
Mix it evenly and pour it into the container

How I use it

On my greasy hair, I comb it back and sprinkle a generous amount all over the area that looks greasy. I then continue to massage the hair as if I'm shampooing like usual.

After that, it's just combing and brushing any of the excess dry shampoo out of my hair. I'm done! As seen in the picture below, it doesn't look like I just showered, but it is manageable to just prevent me from shampooing my hair everyday. My hair smells like hot chocolate all day!
Excuse my bare face ^_^;;

I hope this post helps you who have the same scalp type as mine. What are your tricks in making your hair look fresher? Please share with the others in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~ ^_^

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  1. This is what i am looking for :D
    thank you for the nice tutorial, ce!

  2. woww, i need this o.O
    bikin ketombean ato gatal ngag ?

    1. Di rambutku yang berminyak sih ga ketombean, then again, aku ga pernah ketombean, hahaha.. Mungkin kalo kulit kepalanya kering bisa ketombean kali ya.

  3. Wahhh...kreatif bgd.. agak ribet ya, tp alami bgd hihii
    Nice DIY c :)

  4. awwww.... keren idenya... <3

    and yesss... klo pke baby powder hasil akhirnya malah jadi kaya ubanan :D