Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 2013 Favorites

Hello, lovelies~ May is here and it's time for me to write about my favorite beauty items that I like during April. These consists of skincare, makeup, hair care and body care, brace yourselves. I have already reviewed some of the products here, so just click on the name and it'll  bring you straight to my review post. Let's start, shall we?

Skincare Faves

I have reviewed this already, just click here for more info. In short, it refreshes my skin and keeps it looking brighter without adding much moisture to my already oily skin.

Evian Face & Body Spray
I bought this when it was on sale a couple of months ago and I find it very refreshing on hot days when I feel sweaty.This helps to make me fresh again! Also, I use this after I washed my face and pat it dry with tissue paper, just to neutralize the effect of tap water.

I love this a lot that I bought the full size in the limited ob edition. Yeay! So glad that my skin type suits the fresh cleansing oil, thus I am Sakura Hime! Well, kinda. Just click here to read more info about it.

Makeup Faves

It sets my makeup, makes my face stay matte for longer periods of time and very affordable. I've reviewed it here, just click it

TheFaceShop Sponge Eyebrow
Been really lazy doing my brows lately, so I just fill them in with powder. This handy product is great for that soft, natural brow look.

Hands down, one of the best illuminating concealer I've tried. It's perfect for redness and under eye circles, not so much on blemishes, though, but not a problem. This is my second one already! Just click here for to see the full review!

A mint scented moisturizing lip balm that gives color to my lips without overdoing. Just love it for everyday! I've already reviewed this, so click here to see that post. 

Hair Care Faves

Johnsons Baby Powder
Oily scalp no more with this baby powder.

DIY 'dry' shampoo
Been experimenting with this homemade dry shampoo and so far, so good.

Body Care

DIY Solid Body Lotion Bar
Another homemade experiment that I posted on instagram a few days ago. I like the way it moisturizes my body, making my arms and legs softer to the touch.

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