When My Sanity Hangs by a Thread

  • Saturday, April 13, 2013
  • By Diary Of A Product Junkie

I'm in one of those chatty moods today and I thought I'd just pop in here to do a quick post. Yeah, I think it's better than flooding my twitter timeline, hahaha.. 

Anyway, I just realized that this blog of mine is already 3 years old last March! How 'bout that? Well, well, this calls for a celebration. I'm thinking of doing a giveaway to celebrate it right after the current giveaway ends. Whaddya think? ^_^

Tomorrow is gonna be a loooong day, I think. I'd have to go for an exam since I was thinking of going to school again. Wish me luck on that~ However, I'm not really sure about it up until now, but I guess I'll see how it goes.

A few classes are coming up next May, so I can't wait for those. I am taking a basic accupuncture course at a university. I've always been fascinated by those small needles and how they can make back pains go away. I just can't wait to learn about it this May! Yeay~ 

Oh! A new anime season is here and I was expecting so much from Aku no Hana. I saw their trailer and thought it would a mysterious psychological anime, so I downloaded it off Tokyo Tosho. When I saw the first bit, I turned it off IMMEDIATELY. This is the reason why. The left hand side is the manga version and the right hand side is the anime version.

See? I don't know why their faces have to resemble a sea lion giving birth to quintuplets. GOD!!! MY EYEEESSSS!!! If someone understands why it has to be drawn that way, then please enlighten me. *face palm*

Anyhoo, hope everyone had a great weekend! Until then, I'll see you later~
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  1. Lhaaa...itu anime sama manga bisa beda banget begitu??? Saya juga akan skip kalau begitu...

  2. good luck on your exam~
    new follower here ^-^

  3. aku no hana emg g terlalu recommeeeend (buat aku sih) =__= dr gambar.. dan juga cerita :v wtf ah ceritanya

  4. I like the story, sayangnya animenya mengecewakan. :)