Saturday, April 20, 2013

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Lost Identity

Hello, lovelies~ Lately, I've been purchasing quite a few lip products from lipstick to lip balm. Don't know why, though. A couple of months ago, Too Cool For School collaborated with Hatori Sando to create the Dinoplatz collection. 

I grew up liking dinosaurs, I even planned on being an archaeologist when I was little. Ichthyosaur, Plesiosaurs, and Stegosaurus are some of my favorites. I even theorized (back then) that Nessie is a plesiosaur that got trapped in that lake. Hahaha.. Anyway, I saw this collection and loved it, so I bought a lip color and makeup pouch.

No need to sharpen!

I was surprised to see a sheet of green and white carton wrapped around the lip color. I thought it was gonna be sealed with clear plastic and be done with it. On the carton, it has all the information needed about the product. Starting from the expiry date all to the shad name and number.

The lip color comes in a fat pencil like packaging with a clear cap to protect the product from getting damaged. On the white crayon is a drawing of a town in black and white, perhaps, the town of Dinoplatz.

The end of the lip color is black with a sticker on the bottom indicating the shade name and number. It also has a picture of a T-Rex head that is green.

Lost in Dinoplatz

The one I chose among the 3 available shades is the green one because it looks different that the other ones. Surely it won't turn my lips green, I'm sure.


The lip color felt really comfortable when I applied it on my lips. It felt like applying lip balm because of its moisturizing property. I love this more than my Revlon lip stains because this is more on the moisturizing side. This lip balm doesn't have a long lasting color like the Revlon lip stains, nonetheless I still love it.


The moment you've been waiting for, the swatch. Will it turn green? Of course not. When I first applied it, it gives a light pink with notes of purple to my lips.

After a few moments it will look like a pinkish purple that is a tad darker on my lips. Very nice color indeed that 'wakes up' my complexion. It looks darker in real life, but somehow my camera and editing skills can't show it. Urgh.


Priced around Rp 150,000, I like this lip color from Too Cool For School. The dinosaur themed collection just makes it all the more lovable for me. Although it doesn't last quite long on my lips, I like the color and feel of the lip color for everyday use.

Have you tried this lip 'crayon' from Too Cool For School? Let me know in the comments below and until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. wahhh menarik bgt idenya cie XD tp pricey >.<

  2. mnarik banget reviewnya xoxo

  3. lucunya, unik bgt di wrap gitu, crayonnya warna hijau pulak

  4. i've been using tony moly lipbalm for 6 month. it's also come in green but maybe i'll try this one too ;).

  5. Ih lucu banget tempatnyaa.. terus lucu lagi ijo warna lipbalmnya.. kaya dulu ada kan tuh lipbalm yg warnanya ijo tapi kalo dipake jadi merah.. jaman duluuu banget, tapi aku lupa namanyaa.... hahahaha

  6. ahh cute~ warnanya juga cantik <3