Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review It's Skin Babyface Pure Lipstick

Hello, lovelies~ Today, I wanted to share another review from the brand It's Skin. You may remember this brand with the cute doodle face on each of the makeup packaging. I have already reviewed the BB Stick in depth here, you can click here to be redirected to that post

Cream colored plastic lipstick bullet

Almost all of It's Skin products have the babyface doodle on the packaging. This one is no exception. Sized around 7 cm in length, this lipstick comes in a separate semi-transparent, plastic box with foldable wings on the side. I admit, this is one of the reason why I bought the lipstick. I have too many lipsticks already~ ^_^;;

Since I can't find any list of ingredients on the box and the liptick, I'l just skip ahead to the available shades in this lipstick collection

10 shades to choose from

Looking at the shades of the lipstick, most of them are suitable for everyday makeup. There are a couple of shades that are brightly colored for those daring souls who love bright looking lips. 

Out of the 10, I bought two of them because I already have so many lippies and I thought these would get used everyday.

There isn't any particular markings on the lipstick. Just a plain ol' lipstick bullet like the others. 

The first color I bought is number 4 Strawberry Pink which is pink with a hint of red. It looks bright in the packaging. It's lighter in real life, my camera is a bit off.

The second shade I got is number 9 Pink Beige which is a nude color with a pink undertone. Whenever I chose a nude color for my lips, I tend to go for those with hints of pink or rose so that I won't look ill. This has hints of shimmer.

It doesn't have an opaque finish, so maybe it is more of a luster finish in MAC terms. I find it settles into my fine lines, but maybe a lip primer beforehand may help eliminate that problem.

On my lips, it feel quite moisturizing compared to other lipsticks. In fact, I feel like I'm using a lip balm instead of a lipstick. It gives a slight shine to my lips.


One of the most moisturizing lipsticks I've ever found with an affordable price tag. Armed with a cute packaging, this luster-type lipstick gives moisture and shine to my lips. However, the lipstick doesn't last long on me, maybe because of the medium pigmentation and glossy finish.

This may suit those who are looking for a moisturizing lipstick and won't mind reapplying throughout the day. I hope this review helps you who are looking for something new and until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. Replies
    1. Pas banget yah warnanya buat sehari hari, ga terlalu coklat dan ada sedikit pinknya, :)

  2. lucuuu XD
    yg pink beige warnanya bagus yaa~

  3. I love pink beige the most on you!! bagus yaa warna nya cocok buat sehari2.. :D

  4. Oh no... your reviews always makes me want to start buying immediately >.<

  5. very pretty shade! loved it ^_~

  6. aigoo packagingnya ga nahan bangett cute >_<
    warnanya cantik semua ihh.. *aduh racun cee*

  7. Gak salah pilih deh,agak ragu awalnya pilih pink beige,kalo liat digambar takutnya gak gitu liat reviewnya,yakin dan kayaknya nyaman bgt warnanya