Friday, April 26, 2013

Nifty Finds: Bubble Net

Hello, lovelies~ Washing my face is one of the skincare routines that I can never skip, of course. I have oily and acne prone skin, so skipping washing the dirt off my face will result in a series of acne after acne after acne.. Well, you get the point. 

One of my favorite way of washing my face is with plenty of foam or bubbles. This ensures that all the excess oil on my face is removed without having to tug hard on my skin. Constant vigorous tugging on the face can cause wrinkles, you know! I don't want that, of course!

So, a couple of months ago, I went to DAISO to get a backup of my bubble net. This will help create thick bubbles to wash my face with. If I use that thick bubble, I won't have to do extra tugging on my face since the foam is dense enough to cleanse my face.

Here are the steps that I usually do to achieve such bubbles. If you stay tuned to the end, I have a surprise for you!

I love using this bubble net because it helps cleanse my skin without having the need to tug hard on my skin. This will keep my face cleaner and not saggy in the future. I just use it like I would any other face washes. This one felt good~ on my face.

Until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. It looks fun ce :D I also love to create fluffy bubbles when I'm washing my face...

  2. I'm using it too ! :D