My Top Picks: Skincare under Rp 50,000

  • Tuesday, April 02, 2013
  • By Diary Of A Product Junkie

Hello, lovelies~ I went to the supermarket the other day and I wanted to share with you what my top picks are for skincare that is under Rp 50,000. I just hope it would be helpful for those who want to start their own skincare routine with a tight budget. 

I remember my first time trying to formulate my own skincare routine. I was confused which face wash to buy and how much it was going to cost and whatnot. For reference, I am acne prone and have very oily skin.  So, I got the prices from Hypermart since I went there the other day. ^_^

1. Hada Labo Whitening Face Wash (Rp 23,150)
No colorants and no fragrance. Brightens the skin as well. What more could you ask for?

2. PIXY Facial Foam Anti Acne (Rp 16,000) 
I'm not quite sure about the price, it's either Rp 16,000 or Rp 8,000, but it won't exceed the Rp 50,000 budget. It helps clear my acne and doesn't contain mineral oil, alcohol or petroleum in it. 

3. PIXY Cleansing Express Makeup Removing Water (Rp 13,000)
Removes my light makeup in an instant and alcohol free. 

4. Wardah Lightening Toner (Rp 19,000)
It doesn't have any alcohol, refreshes my skin after washing my face and removes any excess sebum. Love!

5. Hada Labo Ultimate Whitening Lotion (Rp 38,500)
On my oily skin, I sometimes use this as a last step of my night skincare or a moisturizer. Free of colorants and fragrance, this is one of the best buys from the drugstore.

6. Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 30/PA++ (Rp 36,250)
Feels lightweight on my very oily skin and keeps my skin protected against the sun. 

7. Nivea Essentials Lip Balm (Rp 25,175)
Keeps the moisture in and my lips always feel moisturized the next morning!

Nu Face Mask Anti Acne (Rp 11,000)
This is my go to mask if I'm trying to save and going under a budget. HOWEVER, I don't recommend this for people with sensitive skin since the Witch Hazel ingredient may be irritating to them.

Alas, I couldn't find any serum that was under Rp 50,000. Most of them are above Rp 100,000 or contains unwanted ingredients that may irritate my skin. If you have a skincare under Rp 50,000 and is awesome, don't forget to share it in the comments below!

Until then, I'll see you later~ 

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  1. aku juga cocok mbak sama si pixy facial foamnya hehe ,, skrg tgal bekasnya aj :( bngung pgn d ilangin tapi agak susah ..

    1. Kalo untuk bekasnya, coba pake produk2 whitening deh, yang ada arbutinnya ^_^

  2. Kalo serum trisia soybean ingredients nya gmn? under 50rb itu
    cuma terlalu berminyak kalo dipake semuka >,< tapi ampuh buat mengurangi bekas jerawat baru

    1. Aku belum nyobain sih serumnya Trisia, tapi waktu itu ngeliat ingredientsnya di blog ada urea nya yang aku sensitif sama kandungan itu, jadi ga brani nyobain, hahaha.. ^_^

  3. Hi Stephanie!! aku ketemu blog kamu pas lagi google review ttg YSL touche eclat ;) didn't know you were Indonesian until I saw this post with the Rp currency, lol :D
    aku suka banget sm hada labo, pas kmrn pulang ke jakarta, aku coba iseng2 karena tas aku yg isi nya skin care ketinggalan.. eh ngga tau nya cocok banget! hihi akhirnya aku beli 5 set yg moisturizing tp bukan yg whitening terus aku bawa balik ke jerman ^^
    sayang disini ngga ada hada labo, paling beli di ebay, lgsg dr jepang atau HK tp harga nya bs 5x lipat lbh mahal drpd di indo T.T

    btw, salam kenal ya!

    1. Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog! Aku juga cocok banget ama Hada Labo, mungkin karena ga ada fragrance ama no colorants, jadi cocok. Ntar tiap balik Indo, langsung stock up aja biar ga beli di ebay~ ^_^

  4. bole gak sih campur2 makenya (lain merk) ? abis make lotion hada labo trus make krim wajah merk lain?

  5. I'd like to recommend series pembersihnya Sariayu yang Jeruk, both susu pembersih sama penyegarnya. Kulitku oily di T zone kadang kering kadang normal di area pipi *apa dong tuh namanya* Sekarang lagi breakout di jidat dan lagi pakai Retin A dan Glycore yang dua2nya punya sifat exfoliate kulit jadi kulit bisa dibilang lagi rada sensi. Pembersih ini bener2 lembut di muka ku, ga bikin breakout dan yang bikin emezing adalah tonernya bener2 ngecilin pori.
    Tapi pembersihnya agak susah dipake karena cepet ilang sebelum di sweep pakai kapas, jadi aku suka bersihin muka one section at a time.

    Menurutmu Hada Labo oke gak yah kalau digabung sama Retin A? soalnya aku udah pakai FW nya dan jadi ngiler sama lotion ini.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations! Aku udah nyoba yang penyegarnya pas dulu cuman ga cocok, mungkin karena ada alkoholnya jadi jerawatan =(

      Kalo mo pake Retin-A boleh aja kok digabung dengan produk lain yang moisturizing. Intinya, moisturizer lain itu bakal ngurangin konsentrasi retinoic acid yang ada di Retin-A supaya efek sampingnya (kemerahan dan ngelupas) ga terlalu tinggi. ^_^