Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maybelline New York Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick SPF 21/PA +++ Review

Hello, lovelies~ Earlier this month, I received a makeup base from Maybelline New York Indonesia to be reviewed. It is their all new BB stick, let's start the review!

Compact stick

While most BB creams are packaged in squeeze tubes or pump bottles, Maybelline NY decides to pack them in a stick form. The BB stick is medium sized, making it portable to carry in a makeup bag.

Encapsulated with a greenish-blue color theme, this BB stick has a small window on the cap to make it easier to see the product when arranged in a vanity table. There are shade names on the bottom as well, just to be sure. 

However, I can't screw the BB stick all the way down, increasing the chance of hitting the beautiful dome-shaped BB stick with the cap. I just hope that won't happen to me in the future. 

I don't have the picture of the ingredient list since I ripped the plastic seal away in my excitement. Yeah, Phanie never grows up, it seems, huh? Hahaha..

Creamy and smooth

The BB stick has a creamy consistency that makes it easy to blend on my face. I thought it was going to be a chore to blend, but turns out it was effortless to do so.

There are two shades available called 02 (Natural) and 03 (Radiance). I thought I was gonna fit 02, but it turned out waaaay too light on my face. I hate it when my face lights up like a lighthouse because it's whiter than the rest of my body.

It is also practical since all I have to do is 'draw' lines on my face and blend them out with my fingers or a brush. I can imagine how practical it is to carry this for travelling since I won't have to bother with the LAG rules. Nice.

Short story
I first bought the Maybelline BB stick when I went to Singapore last year. I used it twice and disliked it. I feel that my face is all cakey and the look is anything but natural. However, I learned that at that time, I used waaaay too much on my face and the color is waaaay too light for my skin tone. Hahaha.. Stupid.
Lesson : Always apply a thin layer at first because there's no going back once you've applied a heavy makeup base. You're gonna have to start over again unless you wanna look cakey. Annnd, find a matching shade for your face. ^_^;;

Let's swatch it!

My face is nowhere near the word 'flawless'. I have noticeably large pores, redness on my cheeks, a couple of acne and a huge sun spot on my left cheek. Let's take a look at the first close up picture of my right cheek, shall we?

Even though the lighting is different in both pictures, you can see that the sun spot appeared slightly faded in the 'After' picture. Excuse the active acne, my skin is reacting to a moisturizer with denatured alcohol. Tsk, spoiled skin. Hahaha..

Moving on to the second close up picture, this is my left cheek. In the 'After' picture, it can be seen that the sun spot is slightly covered, although it is still noticeable. Ah, please excuse some of the unblended BB stick, sorry about that. ^_^;;

Overall, it evens out my skin tone and conceals the redness on my cheeks. Sadly, it didn't do anything for my  ridiculously large pores. I think no BB cream has ever managed to conceal them anyway. Plus, I'd wager that a primer beforehand can do miracles for my pores.

It makes my face oil and shine free for a good 3 hours used on its own, without any powder and/or setting spray. However, it already has a powdery matte finish, so sometimes the powder isn't really that needed afterwards.


Priced around Rp 60,000 (don't quote me on this. I forgot the price), I like the practicality of this BB stick because all I have to do is just draw and blend it on my face. If you have oily skin, this may suit you since it has a powdery finish, which makes it even more practical especially for touch ups.

Even though its packaging is a little on the dangerous side with the cap not fully descending to the bottom, I still enjoy the efficient packaging. Plus, the color is easy on the eyes since it has a green and blue combination.

Have you tried this BB stick yet? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below. Until then, I'll see you later~ 
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  1. aku ada shade #3 radiance, aku kira bakal jadi gelap di wajah, ternyata enggak lhoo..passs
    makasih reviewnya c :*

    1. Sama, aku kira aku bakal cocok yang natural, eh ternyata putih bener.. Thanks for reading~

  2. dari dulu uda ngeliatin ini tapi maju mundur mau beli atau ga gara-gara modelnya yg stick..kukira bakalan susah dipakai karena ga creamy.. tapi review dr ce phanie bagus ih~ jadi pingin nyobain.. ^^

    1. Kalo buat oily skin enak sih, soalnya powdery finishnya. Semoga cocok di kamu ya, sha~

  3. Again, your review made me want to buy it ASAP hehehehe, it's currently on sale in Carrefour, in case anyone's interested :D

  4. Such a great review!
    However, can you explain in detail abt how to apply that BB stick to our face so that it will give us a kind of natural look?
    Many thanks,


  5. Hai nice review...aku jg pake yg natural..jd kayak pake topeng...pada lama lama ngeblend jg...tapi lagi ttep keliatan pake topeng..secara shade kulitku jawa banget..mau nyoba yg radiance deh :D