Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Her Name is Lola

Hello, lovelies~ As you may or may not know, Indonesia has been hit with a wave of beauty box subscriptions with various prices. In this post, I wanted to share with you one of the first beauty boxes in Indonesia called Lolabox. Well, it's the first one to arrive at my house, anyway. Thus, the definition of first, hehehe.. ^_^ 
The idea behind a beauty subscription box is to sample a few beauty products from skincare to makeup before buying the full size. If you're a beauty addict and adventurer who likes to try new things, then this is one subscription you don't wanna miss. All you have to do is subscribe for a certain amount of money per month and you get beauty deluxe samples delivered to your house, so you can be sure of the products before you buy the full size.

The box came in inside a bigger brown box sealed with a round Lolabox sticker logo. I wanted one of this stickers, can I, Lola? I love the simple design~

Inside the brown box is the simple yet girly pink and white colored Lola box. I like how it comes in a brown box, but I think it would be better if there are shredded paper just to make sure that the box won't move around so much during shipping. 

Moving on the beauty box, as I mentioned earlier, it has a white and pink color theme. This adds a girly touch to the box appearance.

Once I opened the box, there is letter from Lola, along with a description of the products inside the April Lolabox. I won't show you the list, so you'll have to see the pics to find out what's inside. Ready?

The first enveloped is filled with brochures and vouchers from various beauty brands from ones I know like NYX to ones that I haven't heard of before like Scentsibility. 

Okay, okay, enough with the teasing. Let's see what's inside this lovely beauty box called Lola, shall we? Here you go! ^_^ 

Plentiful isn't it? However, the Lolabox representative emailed me saying that since this is a special box it has more than 7 items. The next Lolabox will have around 5-7 beauty items, so just to get it clear and out of the way. Here are the items up close, so you can see them better. Also, I've placed them side by side with an AA battery so you can estimate the size of each item. 

This is an aromatherapy pouch. All you have to do is sniff it to calm your nerves. It's not my favorite scent, though. 

The box is generously filled with deluxe samples which already captured my heart in the first place. I'm glad that it doesn't have any sample sachets because I don't usually use them, to be honest. If I'm in the mood for it, I'll depot it into a jar, but if not, then it will usually end up in the drawer, unused. 

I can't say much since it is the first box. However, so far so good in choosing the brands to be included in their beauty box. I am now curious about Scentsibility and Orlane. I guess I'll have to see what they have in the next box. As long as they can keep up not including sample sachets in their box, I'll be satisfied, hahaha.. Well, let's just say to keep the sample sachets to a minimum.

I'll review the items in the box in a separate posts because I wanted this post to be a review on the subscription service. So, please wait for that. ^_^ 

You can check out Lolabox on their website, twitter and facebook page for more information about how to subscribe and the price for the subscription. 

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  1. aaaa... tempting sekaliii,, ke tkp ah,, thanks for sharing :)

  2. waaahhhh...envy banget! huhuw kayaknya pengen join juga nih >,<
    makasih ya uda sharing isinya hihihi

  3. ci phanie dapet gratis yaa? lhooo mauuk.

    1. Iyaa, kan udah ditulis tuh di Disclaimernya~ ^_^ Kamu udah subscribe ke Lolabox kah? ^_^

  4. Wahhh asiknya ^_^

    Itu cara kerjanya bagaimana ya?
    Thanks before for ur answer

    1. Hai, Kornelia~ Cara kerjanya kaya langganan majalah, per bulan ada iurannya, tapi yang dikirim ke kamu deluxe sample dari skincare atau makeup untuk dicobain sebelum kamu beli full sizenya. Kadang ada juga yang full sizenya. ^_^

      Untuk lengkapnya kamu bisa langsung ke ^_^

  5. how much should we pay for this bunches of samples box?