Monday, April 22, 2013

DOAPJ DIY: Hair Detangling Spray

Hello, lovelies~ I'm in the process of growing out my hair because I want a different hairstyle. However, I need to make it a little longer to be able to cut it the way I want. My hair has never gotten this long before, so I've never had problems with tangles before. Since I'm too cheap to buy a hair detangling spray, I'm making my own simple version that has been used (probably) all over the world.


1 tablespoon of conditioner (preferably your favorite)
100 ml of mineral water
An empty spray bottle
A small mixing bowl 

How to make it

Measure your ingredients carefully. Just take your time, no one is rushing you.

Mix the conditioner and a little bit of water in the mixing bowl properly until it is slightly diluted. This will make the pouring process a lot easier compared to dunking the conditioner straight into the bottle. 

Get the spray bottle ready, open the cap and pour the mixture in slowly. If you have a funnel, that would be a lot more helpful. After the mixture is poured, fill it with water all the way to the top.

Place the cap back on securely and give it a little shake. Done!

I use this whenever I feel my hair is not behaving after I washed and towel dried it. I just spritz some of those in the tangled area and combed it like usual. You can adjust the ratio of the conditioner to water, of course. More conditioner will mean more moisturizing, whereas more water means slightly moisturizing.

Let me know in the comments below what you would usually do to get the tangles out of your hair. Until then, I'll see you later~ ^_^

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  1. waaah mau coba! :D.. tapi jadinya lengket2 gitu gak ci setelah kering?

    1. Aku nyemprotnya selama ini dalam keadaan rambut setengah basah sih pas kering ga lengket. Rambutku jadi lembut + smooth malah, jadinya dipegang2 terus, hahaha.. ^_^

      Asal ratio air + conditionernya pas aja, harusnya ga jadi lengket. ^_^

  2. Wowww nice :D
    Tapi ni ga perlu bilaskah ci?

    1. Ga perlu soalnya dia udah dilute sam air juga, jadi conditioner ga terlalu concentrated. Spray secukupnya aja di area yang kusut. ^_^